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Wifi Everywhere The Next Time You Are in Paris, France

I was in Paris recently and ran across Fabrice and Jean-Baptiste from Bienvenue W-Fi everywhere. i talked them into loaning my their Mifi device for a few days  and boy was I excited. I actually did not want to give it back, but alas, I had to. The idea is that if you need wifi […]

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89 Things To Do As An Airline Employee Before You Quit: Chapter 81

This book is still being written, however ,Chapter 81 of this volume talks about visiting museums around the world. You receive details on where the museums are located and the airports to use to get there. This offer is only for one chapter, chapter 81. Chapter 81: Spend Some Time At An Aviation Museum • […]

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Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

I have to tell you about this little town I happened upon recently. I needed to get from Hamburg, Germany to Gibraltar and the fares were quite high and I had to connect via London or some other U.K. city to make it happen. I have air miles, but could not swing it either. But I […]

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Destination Information: Hamburg, Germany

I was recently a guest of the Germany Tourist Board in the port city of Hamburg, Germany. As a results I had a chance to explore a bit more of the city that I did before. You can see some photos from myself and my friends on Instagram here. My first time to Hamburg was […]

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