Flight Log for Mileage Competition

by Passrider

Update Dec. 19, 2010 – We have a winner in Maria from Continental.  She is now the proud owner of that 1/500th scale Lufthansa Airbus A380.

Congratulations Maria.

You can see the final standings at http://passrider.com/mileage-competition-leaderboard/ and all the flights taken at http://passrider.com/mileage-competition-flights-taken/

Thank you all for your participation.

Watch this space for more passrider.com competitions.


Enter your flight information for the Mileage Competition below.  You can view the Leaderboard at http://passrider.com/mileage-competition-leaderboard/.

Note: If you’ve found this page and have not registered, go to http://passrider.com/mileage-competition/. You must first register before you can submit your trip information:

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