Give South America A Try. You’ll be Very Glad You Did

by Kerwin McKenzie on January 20, 2018

Give South America A Try. You’ll be Very Glad You Did

Most of us fly northeasterly from North America all the time as its most popular, but South America is not to be overlooked.



Several airlines have nonstop service from the U.S. to South America. Here are some airlines and routings to consider when heading south next time. Also, the flying times from say Houston, TX to select South American destinations is just about the same as Houston to Europe 🙂 and the vacation cost is cheaper. Just remember that the seasons are flipped in comparison to the Northern Hemisphere.



Machu Picchu, Peru Machu Picchu, Peru


One thing to remember too, is that oftentimes the airlines have what’s called tags between major cities in different countries. For example, you can fly KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KL) from Santiago, Chile (SCL) to Buenos Aires, Argentina (EZE) as the flight is heading back to Amsterdam Schipol, Netherlands (AMS). Air Canada (AC) also flies this route as a tag. However, you may not be able to passrider on a flight from say Sao Paolo, Brazil to Rio, Brazil as that violates the fifth freedom rights if the carrier is not local to Brazil.



Copa Cabana Beach, Brazil Copa Cabana Beach, Brazil



Other carriers on this route are Santiago-based low cost carrier SKY Airlines (H2) and Buenos Aires-based carrier Aerolineas Argentinas (AR) and Santiago-based LATAM (LA). Head over to the Advanced Schedule section of for more details.



The following carriers have service to the major South American cities from one or more of their hubs:

  1. AeroMexico (AM)
  2. Air Canada (AC)
  3. air europa (UX)
  4. Air France (AF)
  5. Air New Zealand (NZ)
  6. American Airlines (AA)
  7. Avianca (AV)
  8. Azul Brazilian Airlines (AD)
  9. British Airways (BA)
  10. Copa Airlines (CM)
  11. Cubana Airlines (CU)
  12. Delta Air Lines (DL)
  13. Eidelweiss (WK)
  14. Ethiopian Airlines (ET)
  15. Emirates (EK)
  16. GOL (G3)
  17. Iberia (IB)
  18. interJet (4O)
  19. JetBlue (B6)
  20. KLM (KL)
  21. LATAM (LA)
  22. Lufthansa German Airlines (LH)
  23. Qantas (QF)
  24. Qatar Airways (QR)
  25. SKY Airlines (H2)
  26. Spirit Airlines (NK)
  27. TAME (EQ))
  28. Turkish Airlines (TK)
  29. United Airlines (UA)


Departures at Santiago, Chile Airport (SCL) Departures at Santiago, Chile Airport (SCL)



Here’s a list of the larger cities in South America. So you can plan on flying into these cities and then taking a local flight to your next destination. As the countries are in close proximity of each other, the flights are short. If you like you may also look into taking buses:


  1. Asuncion, Paraguay (ASU)
  2. Bogota, Colombia (BOG) – home of Avianca (AV)
  3. Buenos Aires, Argentina (AEP, EZE) – home of Aerolineas Argentinas (AR)
  4. Georgetown, Guyana (GEO)
  5. La Paz, Bolivia (LPB)
  6. Lima, Peru (LIM) – home of LATAM Peru (LA)
  7. Rio de Janiero, Brazil (GIG, SDU)
  8. Montevideo, Uruguay (MVD)
  9. Paramaribo, Suriname (PBM)
  10. Santa Cruz, Bolivia (VVI)
  11. Santiago, Chile (SCL) – home of LATAM (LA)
  12. São Paulo, Brazil (CGH, GRU)
  13. Quito, Ecuador (UIO) – home of TAME (EQ)


Tobalaba Train Station in Santiago, Chile Tobalaba Train Station in Santiago, Chile


Where have you been in South America?



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