by Kerwin McKenzie

Keeping Healthy When You Travel



This page is dedicated to helping you to keep healthy when you travel. We are busy people and at times, the last thing on our minds when we travel is our health. On these pages, I’ll try to help you with travel health tips and resources. I’d also like to hear from you with your own tips and what you’d like to see me cover on these pages. Just leave a comment below please.



Country Health Requirements



You can always check the airlines with whom you are traveling for health requirements for the country you’re visiting. Don’t take this for granted. Do it before you leave. Some countries such as Ghana will give you a yellow fever injection as you arrive if you don’t have one; you have no choice. Others monitor your body’s temperature and have you walk on an disinfected mat when you arrive. You’re most times too busy to notice as you’re rushing when you arrive, but a lot is done to keep us safe when we travel.



Here are some additional resources:



The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia USA

The U.S. State Department Health Information

IATA’s Web site (this will take you to an external Website)




More information to come…



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