Holiday Gift Guide

by Kerwin McKenzie on November 22, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide

Passrider Holiday Gift Guide Passrider Holiday Gift Guide




The Holidays are approaching soon and you’ll be out and about getting cool gifts for your loved ones. So, I thought I’d go shopping for you and get you started in the right direction. Before I do though, you should ensure that you are using a credit card that will earn you miles or cash back so you get something in return. You can then use these miles to purchase tickets when you absolutely need to get somewhere and don’t really want to non-rev. Check back from time to time as I’ll be adding more items. Also, three of my friends also have gift ideas listed here:






You can typically just start here and never go anywhere else when purchasing gifts. Amazon has become the marketplace for everything nowadays. They even have Amazon PrimeNow which will deliver within two hours. Its insane. So if you forgot a gift, not to worry it can be at your doorstep in no time. And if you are a Top Gear fan, they now have the same show called the Grand Tour on Amazon Prime so a good reason to have Amazon Prime. Oh and they are having a Black Friday Week so all week long you can check out the deals.

So let’s take a look at some cool items:



Cameras – There are a plethora of cameras out there today. I’m leaning to getting a Sony a7 Full-Frame Mirrorless Digital Camera with 28-70mm Lens as mirrorless camera is the thing now I’m told. Plus it has a very small footprint so it will carry better.



Drones – these little gems are everywhere now and comes in many sizes like the Mavic from dji. It can fold up and hold in your bag, no problems there. Remember though that you have to check the drone rules of where you are flying it so you stay on the good side of the law.



Headphone Splitter – It’s my pet peeve to see people using one headphone for two persons when I travel. Just get a splitter. They are inexpensive and works rather well. This way you don’t have to pay twice for the seatback video or you can share the movie on the iPad while on the plane.

Smart Luggage – When teh Bluesmart One launced last year, you all love it. Why? It’s compant and its smart. It weights itself, it can find itself and it works too.





4K TVs

A friend of mine just got one and he loves it. And I must say I’ve watched 4K programs (there are very few) on it and its pretty amazing! If you’re going to get something, get something good. Don’t skimp as you’ll hate yourself each time you watch the TV. Trust me on this one :-). This is the one I recommend, but any 65″ will do – Samsung UN65KS8000 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model).




Gift Cards

Sure this is a cop out, but think about they don’t have to return them since they can get exactly what they want :-). You can get a gift card for anything, plus they have a Gift Card finder to help you.



If your loved ones are visiting a particular city where this program exists, then this is an excellent gift idea for them as it will save money depending on the number of attractions being visited. CityPass is available in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, new York, City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, South California, Tampa Bay and Toronto ON Canada. As an example, if you come to Houston, for $56, you can get a CityPass that will allow you access to the following attractions. If you did these alone combined it would cost you more than the $56:

  1. – Space Center Houston
  2. – Downtown Aquarium
  3. – Houston Museum of Natural Science
  4. – Houston Zoo OR Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
  5. – Kemah Boardwalk OR Children’s Museum of Houston





You can give the gift of a hotel so your loved ones don’t have to worry about it when they travel. I have three partners for you to do your search and bookings. You’ll typically find that you get the same prices regardless of where you go, but I know some of you like to shop around so have at it. You can also go directly to hotel’s Web site to book as well:





When you travel its always a good idea to get a tour setup. For me, it shows me the things that I would normally have missed. There are several companies out there, let me highlight two of my partners:

  • Viator – they have tours worldwide including cool stuff like flying a helicopter over the Las Vegas Strip and the Grand Canyon.
  • Walks of Italy – Includes visits to the Vatican and the Colosseum to name two.


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Passrider Holiday Gift Guide Passrider Holiday Gift Guide
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