How To Make The Most Of The Falling Euro To The USD

by Kerwin McKenzie on March 20, 2015

As you may have noticed the Euro is pretty low against the USD; at the time of this writing, you pay  1.07 USD for 1 EUR.

Funkturm Berlin, Germany Funkturm Berlin, Germany

This means your dollar will go much farther than it did before. I’ve listed some possible cities you can visit with nonstop service from the U.S. This means you can do a quick weekend trip; out Friday night and back Sunday p.m. Of course you’ll need somewhere to stay, so here’s a hotel search box as well so you can check hotel prices:



  • Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS) – American (AA), Delta, Martinair (MP), United, US Airways (US)
  • Barcelona, Spain (BCN) – American (AA), Delta (DL), United (UA), US Airways (US)
  • Berlin, Germany (TXL) – Air Berlin (AB), United (UA)
  • Fort de France, Martinique (FDF) – Air Canada (AC), Air France (AF), American (AA), Seaborne Airlines (BB)
  • Helsinki, Finland (HEL) – Finnair (AY)
  • Lisbon, Portugal (LIS) – Tap Portugal (TP), United (UA), US Airways (US)
  • Madrid, Spain (MAD) – Delta (DL), Iberia (IB), United (UA), US Airways (US)
  • Paris, France (CDG) – Air Canada (AC), Air France (AF), American (AA), Delta (DL) , United (UA), US Airways (US)
  • Point-a-Pitre, Guadeloupe (PTP) – Air Canada (AC), Air France (AF), American (AA), Seaborne Airlines (BB)
  • Rome, Italy (FCO) – Alitalia (AZ), American (AA), Delta (DL), United (UA), US Airways (US)

Check Flight Schedules here.

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avatar Larry Simpson March 20, 2015 at 11:42 pm

The best way to take advantage of the low Euro is not to jump on a plane but to plan ahead.  There is a security that you can buy that mirrors the Euro called FXE.  The Euro went up 1.58% today and FXE up 1.575%.  If you bought a thousand Euros today it would cost, without fees, $1,082.  You buy the same amount of FXE today and it will always be worth 1000 Euros.  If the Euro goes up you enjoy a discounted holiday.  If the Euro falls more, as some “experts” think, you buy more.  If you are a travel junkie, like myself, you know you will be going to Europe for many years to come.  This takes the sting out of the cost of the last 8 years of Euro travel.  Good luck and have fun.


avatar Kerwin McKenzie March 21, 2015 at 2:24 am

Thank you for the comment.

That is way too much work :-).

I also don’t buy currency beforehand, as I use my bank card and/or a credit card that does not have international fees as this way you get the best rate.

The currency fluctuates so you will lose as the currency gets stronger, so you are really taking a gamble.

It just depends on the individual and how much money they have to dedicate to international travel.



avatar Larry Smpson March 21, 2015 at 11:02 am

Kerwin  It took a while for me to figure out how to reduce cost with the strong dollar.  I run my own portfolio and do it better than Fidelity did for years.  I go to Europe once or twice a year and watch how the money works.  If you will carry cash the rate, under 5%, you get from Wells Fargo is better than any of my debit cards.
I am sorry I did not explain the FXE investment well.  You can lock in today’s price, $1.08 for 1 Euro, by buying the same about of FXE.  You buy a thousand Euros, $1082, of FXE.  When, and it will, the Euro climbs FXE climbs also and you can sell your investment for one thousand Euros.  When the price climbs to where it was six months ago you save 22%.  If it keeps falling you buy more and prepay the future trips to Europe.  I circle the world, on stand-by, 2 to 3 times a year and must do it wisely.


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