Destination Accommodation

by Passrider

Destination Accommodation

You can’t really stay in Machu Picchu, but you can stay in the neighboring town of Aguas Calientes.  Here’s what’s typically done.  You arrive in Lima late at night, then you spend the night in Lima either near the airport or in the city.  The next morning, you head to the airport and fly to Cuzco spending that night there.  Then the next morning you take the train to Aguas Calientes, then take the hike up the mountain.

When you descend the mountain, you can decide whether or not you want to spend the night in Aguas Calientes or return to Cuzco. Or if you’re  planner you have all this worked out.  Here is some information on accommodations in the different places.

Lima, Peru

You can stay close to the airport or the famous Mira Flores area.  There are many hotels to choose from.  Here are links to hotel booking sites to help you. places in Lima, Peru

Cuzco, Peru places in Cuzco, Peru

Aguas Calientes, Peru places in Aguas Calientes, Peru

If you have time, plan on spending a night in this sleepy beautiful town.  Typically the day visitors head out by 3:30p, so you have less people around and can explore the city better.  In addition, you have some time in the morning as well, before the first train arrives.

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