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  • McKenzie Ultimate Guides: How To Book Hotels in London, England

    The third biggest issue you tell me you have is booking hotels. I’m working on a few solutions, as well as I’ve been working diligently on this book for sometime now; actually on/off for about three years. It’s now been updated and ready for your consumption. It tells you all about how to find and book hotels in one of the most requested travel destinations in the world; London, England.
    This book is included with your Premium membership, but if you are not a member, check for the latest price. Get Yours Today.

  • McKenzie Ultimate Guides: Non-Revenue Staff Travel

    brisbanebridgel2We’ve written an electronic Guide in PDF format to help you on your trips. This is a 42-page guide with invaluable information for your next trip. Including a list of telephone numbers to call when you are ready to list for a flight; a list of alternate airports, in case you get bumped or cannot make it to your original destination as well as a list of select airlines around the world and their Web sites. This guide is a must have for all passriders. Get yours today.

  • Request a Passrider Routing Guide

    This is a comprehensive non-rev-specific Guide to your destination. It includes routings, alternate routings, airline phone numbers and listing instructions, special non-rev destination information and more. Don’t leave home without this Guide. Get yours today.

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