by Kerwin McKenzie

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I love to travel and it shows. I enjoy bringing you the information so that you can maximize your travel benefits. if you’d like to support, here are a few ways you can do that:


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You can make a donation using PayPal.

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If you buy anything on Amazon, consider using the appropriate link below:

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Booking A Hotel

Using my affiliate links to research and book your hotel will provide me with a small commission for each search and booking.


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There are varying levels of, the free part of the flight schedules and the Premium section. The Premium gives you a few more features that makes your searches simpler. You can see the features and benefits here.


Purchasing a Guide

I’ve created several Guides to help you with your travels. The latest is the new book 89 Things To Do As An Airline Employee Before You QUIT. You can find a full list of Guides here.


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