Airline Introduction: When Next In Sri Lanka, Check Out Cinnamon Air

by Kerwin McKenzie on November 21, 2014

Passengers a Cinnamon Air Scenic FlightIf you wish to get around Sri Lanka quickly, you should consider flying as despite an extensive road network (which they are currently improving), it does take a long time to get to your destination due to the mountains and traffic. There are a few faster options though, one of them being Cinnamon Air (C7).

Cinnamon Air is a Part 135 schedule service/charter operation flying amphibian/non-amphibian airplanes (Cessna 208 Caravans). Check with your airline to see if you have any pass agreements with them otherwise you can buy tickets at They’ve been around for about a year as of this posting in November 2014 and operates from several airports and waterways around the country including the international airport in Colombo (CMB).

Cinnamon Air’s routes (all round trips) are:

  • Colombo (CMB) – Koggala (KCT) – for the beaches in the south. This is the Lake from which I flew.
  • Colombo- Batticaloa (BTC)
  • Colombo- Trincomalee (TRR)
  • Colombo- Sigiriya (GIU) – for Sigiriya Rock
  • Colombo – Kandy (Polgolla Reservoir) (KDW) – for a lot of culture including the “Tooth” from the temple of Tooth
  • Colombo – Bentota  (BJT)
  • Colombo – Dickwella (DIW)
  • Sigiriya – Trincomalee
  • Sigiriya – Batticaloa
You can check out their route map at

I did a scenic flight from the Military Air Force Base in Koggala and it was way cool. You do need your passports as most of the airports are on military bases and you have to get clearance before you enter. It’s no issue though. On my flight, we saw the southern city of Galle with its fort that used to protect the city many years ago. You also get to see the coastline, with its fishing villages, Temples on the hills plus its hotels and magnificent private homes.
While in Sri Lanka, Colombo if you need a hotel, check out the varied properties offered by Cinnamon Hotels. They have properties located in Colombo and other parts of Sri Lanka including one of my favorites Cinnamon Citadel Kandy. The longest river in Sri Lanka at 335km, the Mehewali is located in Kandy and runs right past that hotel. It’s like a sanctuary, well, it is a sanctuary.
Enjoy and have fun in Sri Lanka. Have you been? What have been your experiences? Please leave a comment below.
Sri Lanka - CinnamonAir Pilot Getting Plane Ready Before Flight Sri Lanka – Cinnamon Air Captain Getting Plane Ready Before Flight
The Captain and His Copilot The Captain and His Copilot
Flying Down The Sri Lankan Coastline on a Cinnamon Air Scenic Flight

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