10 Places You'll Be Able To Hopefully Visit Soon

10 Places You Dreamed Of Visiting in 2021, During 2020

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Unfamiliar Destinations 2020 was a different year, but despite that, your dreams of traveling were not bashed. In fact, you started to think about visiting different places. In different, I mean places you wouldn’t normally think of visiting. I know this as in 2017, I post 365 unfamiliar destinations, one for each day and I looked at the statistics for …

Air Francs (AF) Airbus A320 in Point-a-Pitre (PTP)

That One Time I Entered French Guiana Without A Yellow Fever Shot

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Flying the French Connection From Miami to Cayenne, French Guiana There are a few routes in the airline industry that are very unique and as an airline geek gives great pleasure. They are the Milk Run by Alaska Airlines, flight 65 from Seattle to Anchorage making four stops along the way; the Island Hopper by United Airlines (used to be …