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Travel Restrictions: Where Can I Travel To Now?

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Travel Restrictions Worldwide I know many of you want to travel, however, there are many travel restrictions abound right now. It is imperative you read before you make any plans. Also, check with the airline you are thinking of taking to ensure that you are knowledgeable of the current non-revenue travel rules. You can use for the latest travel …

Eventually We Will All Travel Again

Travel Inspirations From 24 Of My Travel Blogger Friends During These Times

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24 Of My Travel Blogger Friends Bring You Travel Inspirations During These Times   In my travels I’ve met many amazing people. Here are 24 of them, who are my friends and travel bloggers giving you travel inspirations by telling you about their favorite places to visit. These places include, Bora Bora, Croatia, Canada, Dubai, Italy, San Francisco, Japan, St. …

A Day In The Life Of A United Flight Attendant

A Day In The Life Of A United Flight Attendant During COVID-19

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A United Flight Attendant Shares How His Day Went (April 16, 2020)   There are many flight attendants on the front line. Thank you for doing what you do everyday. This is the story of a day in one of their lives. @Nonrevnick started at 8:40a in Charleston, SC (CHS) then headed to Washington-Dulles, VA (IAD) and then to Denver, …