Whats the difference between a direct and a nonstop flight

What’s The Difference Between A Direct Flight And A Nonstop Flight?

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Direct Flight and Nonstop Flight? Here’s a question I get all the time. What’s the difference between a direct flight and a nonstop flight? Or people just say they are on a direct flight, when they really mean they are on a nonstop flight. So in this video, I answer that question along with two other popular questions: 0:00 Introduction …

Where Can I Travel?

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Where Can I Travel? Updated June 25, 2021 This is the number one question I get these days. So let me address it. Domestic/Local Travel My recommendation is to stick to local travel for now as typically you know what you’re getting into and there are less travel restrictions. Examples: If you’re in the U.S. you have plenty of places to go …

San Francisco Sights and Sounds

San Francisco, California: Sights and Sounds

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Sights and Sounds of San Francisco, California USA Remember to practice appropriate safety measures when traveling. San Francisco, California is one of my favorite U.S.cities; which one is yours? Each time I visit, I always take a bunch of photos and always have a different experience as the city is quite vast and walkable despite its steep hills. In these three videos, you …

65 Places in the U.S. That Most People Haven't Visited

65 Places In The U.S. That Most People Haven’t Visited

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65 Places In The U.S. That Most People Haven’t Visited People tend to visit the same places all the time as they are famous. In 2017, I wrote about these 65 places in the U.S. that you perhaps never heard of or even visited. I’ve sorted them by state to make it easier for you in case you decide to …