10 Places You'll Be Able To Hopefully Visit Soon

10 Places You Dreamed Of Visiting in 2021, During 2020

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Unfamiliar Destinations

2020 was a different year, but despite that, your dreams of traveling were not bashed. In fact, you started to think about visiting different places. In different, I mean places you wouldn’t normally think of visiting.

I know this as in 2017, I post 365 unfamiliar destinations, one for each day and I looked at the statistics for the information and voila, I came up wit the places you’re dreaming about.

So, here are the top 10 places you decided to dream about in 2020, hoping to visit in 2021. Here’s hoping you can visit them all very soon.

1. Borders, St. Elizabeth Jamaica

Lady selling fish at Borders

Borders, St. Elizabeth is one of my favorite spots in Jamaica. Most people will go to Montego Bay, Negril or Ocho Rios, but the south coast of Jamaica which is where Borders is located is a hidden gem of my island home. It is also close to where I grew up in the parish of St Elizabeth It’s a place where you can get local food freshly made or dug up everyday, or plucked from the ocean. The local are friendly and the food is good. It’s more than good.

Borders is located on the border of the parishes of Westmoreland and St. Elizabeth on the A2 highway which is on the southern coast of the island.

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2. Jal, New Mexico USA

Jal, New Mexico - small town big heart

You perhaps said to yourself, where? Well, this small town is located in the southwest corner of New Mexico just over the Texas border. It’s a small quaint town and its worth a look.


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3. Rupea Fortress, Romania

Rupea Fortress, RomaniaPhoto courtesy of JayWay Travel who was my travel partner on this trip.

I visited Romania a few years ago and fell in love with it all over again. My first time there I had only been to Bucharest, but this time I had a chance to visit a lot more of the country including this fort deep into the country. I think you’ll enjoy your visit when you do get there.


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4. 45th Parallel Marker, Torch Lake, Michigan USA

45th Parallel Marker, Torch Lake, Michigan


I’m a little weird with the travel things that fascinates me, but so are a some of you :-), as you also liked the 45th parallel. But, you have to admit, it its kind of cool :-).


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5. Saxnas, Sweden


If ever there was a place that I really love, it would be Saxnas, Sweden. First, it takes a while to get to and when you get there its’s just so beautiful. The photo above is on approach in a helicopter; it saved us some time getting there.


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6. Holland Bamboo, St. Elizabeth Jamaica

Holland Bamboo, St. Elizabeth Jamaica


When you check out Borders above, you should carry on down the road a piece as they say in Jamaica to Holland Bamboo. The parish of St. Elizabeth has so many gems. Don’t miss this one.


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7. Hobbs, New Mexico USA

Hobbs, NM USA - Stock CarHere I am in a Stock Car. They race these at nights nearby. 

For some reason, I always wanted to go to Hobbs, NM. It’s a quaint town and its all about oil. There are derricks everywhere and if you want to get away from people and be with nature, this is perhaps the place.


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8. Fiumicino, Italy

Fiumicino, Italy sunset at the river


Most people who go to Rome flies into the airport that bears the name of this city, Fiumicino. But they never visit the town. Instead they head straight to Rome. But, you should take a little time to explore Fiumicino. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.


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9. St. Ann’s Head, Pembrokeshire, Wales United Kingdom


St. Ann's Head, Pembrokeshire Wales

St. Ann’s Head, Pembrokeshire Wales

Guarding one of the Atlantic entrances, to Wales, the Lighthouse at St. Ann’s Head is a sight to behold. The views are breathtaking, there is a coastal walk and the wind will take your breath away. It’s totally worth visiting.


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10. Mile Zero, Singapore

Mile Zero, Singapore inside Fullerton Bay Hotel


The Fullerton in Singapore sits at the start of Singapore, hence the name Mile Zero. The mile marker literally starts counting here.

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That’s it! Ten places you’ve said you want to visit in 2021 when we get the chance. What do you think? Have you been to any of these places? Leave a comment and let me know. Happy travels when it’s safe to do so.