138 Countries, You Can Visit Without A Visa Using Your U.S. Passport

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138 Ways To Utilize Your U.S. Passport

This is a very popular question among readers to the site. It makes sense as we are travelers of course. So I decided to create this post telling you that there are at least 138 countries you can visit without a visa using your U.S passport.

At Least 138 countries you can visit without a visa using your U.S. passport

Its a weird title for a post, but once you read it, you will see what I mean.

I’ve also added the other countries where a visa is required including whether or not you can apply online or on arrival. This is a work in progress so check back for updates.

As a companion product, I’ve included a link to my ebook: McKenzie Ultimate Guides: Five Essential Nuggets To Know When Applying for A Visitor’s Visa (PDF download) that will tell you how to go about applying for some of those visa plus some essential things you need to know about having a better international travel experience.

5 Essential Nuggets To Know When Applying For A Visitor's Visa

5 Essential Nuggets To Know When Applying For A Visitor’s Visa

What Is A Visa?

But first, what is a visa?

I met a lady from the UNWTO (United Nation World Tourism Organization) at a conference once and we had a good talk about visa requirements for different countries; yeah, I’m pretty geeky that way.

I’m still annoyed that we even have visa requirements in order to visit a country, but they are there and we just have to deal with it. She shared a public report with me showing that once the countries have relaxed visa requirements visitor numbers have increased of course.

Their goal is to convince more countries to relax or remove these requirements. Its a work in progress, so I thank them for doing this for us.

So a visa is basically a permit to visit a country of which you are not a citizen. Basically, you are proving that you won’t work in the country while visiting. Even when you get the visa, you may still be denied entry once you arrive in the country and are being interviewed.

I also wrote about the fact that you can visit China for 72 hours without a visa, but have to update it as its a different for airline staffers. I got a reminder from a reader; thanks.

Visa Issues

I get profiled all the time, it’s a pain, but that’s how travel works.

There was one month when I got randomly selected at every airport for additional screening albeit it was just TSA security. It was annoying, but what can I do?

I had zero issues leaving Israel, except that the lady did not give me my exit paper and thought she did, so I had to get another one which was not a problem as I guess it happens all the time, but I’ve heard horror stories about others on departure.


I’ve seen people of Indian citizenship be profiled and sent to quarantine and secondary screening while I’m asked nothing coming into the same country.

Some countries wave me through without asking anything, others ask me questions. As much as I can, I apply for the electronic entries, I’ve done so for three countries now. Most are free, but some do charge.

My bag has been searched when coming through customs in a predominantly Black country and the white travelers in front of me with multiple suitcases are waved through.

So it may be annoying, but it’s a process and you have to respect it even if you don’t like it or understand it. You’re not there on a daily basis to see what the Officers are seeing and dealing with.

People are denied entry to countries everyday.

Health Requirements

Always check the required health requirements to enter a country. This may involve getting vaccines before hand so its important to check early. It can also be very costly to get vaccinated.

Ground Rules

Despite the fact that no visa is required for these countries, you MUST bear the following items in mind. My updated book goes into much more details:

  1. Typically you can stay up to 90 days without a visa; some countries are 30 days
  2. Have at least two blank pages in your passport (some countries want more pages sometimes 6 blank pages; this is for visa stamps on arrival
  3. You may have to “apply” for a visa on arrival; sometimes this is just a formality
  4. Have a U.S. passport valid for at least 6 months beyond the date you will leave the country
  5. A ticket for onward/return travel via any mode of transportation
  6. You are not allowed to work while in the country; unless you are using a business visa
  7. You may be denied entry upon arrival and being interviewed by the Immigration officer
  8. You must have money to sustain you during your stay in the country
  9. Have a place to stay and be ready to prove it to the officials
  10. For some countries if you stay more than 72 hours a visa is required
  11. Check with the State Department Web site for all the rules for the country you want to visit. These will include health requirements
  12. Some countries require a form to be filled out before approaching the Immigration Officer; the airlines usually hand this out on the plane, if not you can get it on arrival.

So with the ground rules set, here is the list of countries. Have you visited any? Please leave a comment below and let me know. Also if you have a correction, be sure and let me know.

Countries You Can Visit Without/With A Visa Using Your U.S. Passport

Country/RegionAreaVisa Required
2Central African RepublicAfricaN
3Equatorial GuineaAfricaN
12Costa RicaAmericasN
14El SalvadorAmericasN
15Falklands IslandsAmericasN
16French GuianaAmericasN
23Prince Edward IslandAmericasN
24San Andres & ProvidenciaAmericasN
25St. Pierre & MiquelonAmericasN
27United StatesAmericasN
31Brunei DarussalamAsia/Middle EastN
32French PolynesiaAsia/Middle EastN
33Hong Kong SARAsia/Middle EastN
34JapanAsia/Middle EastN
35Korea, Republic of (South Korea)Asia/Middle EastN
36MalaysiaAsia/Middle EastN
37MongoliaAsia/Middle EastN
38PhilippinesAsia/Middle EastN
39SingaporeAsia/Middle EastN
40TaiwanAsia/Middle EastN
41ThailandAsia/Middle EastN
42United Arab EmiratesAsia/Middle EastN
48Bosnia & HerzegovinaEuropeN
52Czech RepublicEuropeN
60Great BritainEuropeN
63Holy See (Vatican City)EuropeN
67Isle of ManEuropeN
75Macedonia, Republic ofEuropeN
77Moldova, Republic ofEuropeN
85San MarinoEuropeN
87Slovakia (Slovak Republic)EuropeN
93American SamoaOceanaN
97Marshall IslandsOceanaN
98Micronesia, Federated States ofOceanaN
99New CaledoniaOceanaN
100New ZealandOceanaN
101Northern Mariana IslandsOceanaN
104Solomon IslandsOceanaN
108Antigua & BarbudaThe CaribbeanN
109ArubaThe CaribbeanN
110BahamasThe CaribbeanN
111BarbadosThe CaribbeanN
112BelizeThe CaribbeanN
113BermudaThe CaribbeanN
114BonaireThe CaribbeanN
115Cayman IslandsThe CaribbeanN
116CuracaoThe CaribbeanN
117DominicaThe CaribbeanN
118Dominican RepublicThe CaribbeanN
119GrenadaThe CaribbeanN
120GuadeloupeThe CaribbeanN
121GuyanaThe CaribbeanN
122HaitiThe CaribbeanN
123HondurasThe CaribbeanN
124JamaicaThe CaribbeanN
125MartiniqueThe CaribbeanN
126MontserratThe CaribbeanN
127Netherland AntillesThe CaribbeanN
128Puerto RicoThe CaribbeanN
129Saba, St, EustatiusThe CaribbeanN
130St. Kitts & NevisThe CaribbeanN
131St. LuciaThe CaribbeanN
132St. MaartenThe CaribbeanN
133St. MartinThe CaribbeanN
134St. Vincent & The GrenadinesThe CaribbeanN
135Trinidad & TobagoThe CaribbeanN
136Turks and Caicos IslandsThe CaribbeanN
137Virgin Islands, BritishThe CaribbeanN
138Virgin Islands, USThe CaribbeanN
139Bassas da IndiaAfricaN, A French territory
140MayotteAfricaN, A French territory
141Reunion IslandAfricaN, A French territory
142China, People's Republic ofAsia/Middle EastN, but you need one for visit
more than 72 hours
143Western SaharaAfricaN, Disputed territory (currently administered by Morocco)
No Reciprocity fee of $160 for stays up to 90 days. Reciprocity fees must be paid online before departure for trips over 90 days; valid for 10
145CubaThe CaribbeanTourist travel to Cuba is
prohibited under U.S. law for U.S. citizens and others under U.S.
149Burkina FasoAfricaY
151Cabo Verde (formerly Cape Verde)AfricaY
154Congo (Brazzaville), Republic ofAfricaY
155Congo (Kinshasa), Democratic Repiblic ofAfricaY
160Gambia, TheAfricaY
174Sao Tome and PrincipeAfricaY
177Sierra LeoneAfricaY
179South SudanAfricaY
186BrazilAmericasY. This from the Brazilian Embassy. To facilitate the 2016 Rio Olympics, American, Australian, Canadian and Japanese citizens who are going to Brazil exclusively for tourism activities, entering Brazil between June 1st and September 18th, 2016, will be eligible for a 90 day, non-extendable, unilateral visa waiver counted from the first entry within that period. It will not be necessary to have a ticket for an official game to benefit from this waiver.
187AfghanistanAsia/Middle EastY
188BangladeshAsia/Middle EastY
189BhutanAsia/Middle EastY
190CambodiaAsia/Middle EastY
191East TimorAsia/Middle EastY
192Korea, Democratic People's Rep. (North Korea)Asia/Middle EastY
193Laos, People's Democratic RepublicAsia/Middle EastY
194Lebanon, People's Democratic RepublicAsia/Middle EastY
195MyanmarAsia/Middle EastY
196PakistanAsia/Middle EastY
197Saudi ArabiaAsia/Middle EastY
198Syria, Syrian Arab RepublicAsia/Middle EastY
199TajikistanAsia/Middle EastY
200TurkmenistanAsia/Middle EastY
201UzbekistanAsia/Middle EastY
202VietnamAsia/Middle EastY
203YemenAsia/Middle EastY
206Russian FederationEuropeY
208Saint HelenaOceanaY
209Christmas IslandAsia/Middle EastY, An Australian territory, apply online
210Sri LankaAsia/Middle EastY, apply online
211AustraliaOceanaY, apply online
212IranAsia/Middle EastY, except for Kish Island
213ComorosAfricaY, on arrival
214EgyptAfricaY, on arrival
215MadagascarAfricaY, on arrival
216South AfricaAfricaY, on arrival
217Tanzania (United Republic of Tanzania)AfricaY, on arrival
218BahrainAsia/Middle EastY, on arrival
219Gaza StripAsia/Middle EastY, on arrival
220IndonesiaAsia/Middle EastY, on arrival
221IsraelAsia/Middle EastY, on arrival
222JordanAsia/Middle EastY, on arrival
223KuwaitAsia/Middle EastY, on arrival
224KyrgyzstanAsia/Middle EastY, on arrival
225MacauAsia/Middle EastY, on arrival
226MaldivesAsia/Middle EastY, on arrival
227NepalAsia/Middle EastY, on arrival
228OmanAsia/Middle EastY, on arrival
229QatarAsia/Middle EastY, on arrival
230West BankAsia/Middle EastY, on arrival
231Papua New GuineaOceanaY, on arrival
232IraqAsia/Middle EastY, on arrival for the Kurdish regions only for a 15 day visit
233KazakhstanAsia/Middle EastY, on arrival for up to 15 days
234TurkeyEuropeY, on
235KenyaAfricaY, online
236IndiaAsia/Middle EastY, online/on arrival
237C™te d'IvoireAfricaY,
request online/receive on arrival
238TibetAsia/Middle EastY, special permit required
239Clipperton IslandsAsia/Middle East
240Cocos (Keeling) IslandsAsia/Middle East
241Cook IslandsAsia/Middle East
242French Southern TerritoriesAsia/Middle East
243Palestinian TerritoriesAsia/Middle East
244Faroe IslandsEurope
245Jan MayenEurope
246Ashmore and Cartier IslandsOceana
247Bouvet IslandsOceana
248Cook IslandsOceana
249Europa IslandOceana
250Glorioso IslandsOceana
251Heard Island and McDonald IslandsOceana
252Juan de Nova IslandOceana
254Pitcairn IslandsOceana
256Tromelin IslandOceana
257Wake IslandOceana
258Wallis and FutunaOceana

Companion ProductMcKenzie Ultimate Guides: Five Essential Nuggets To Know When Applying for A Visitor’s Visa (PDF download)

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  1. Very comprehensive research! Just to clarify re Iraq, a visit to the Kurdish regions in the north will allow you to obtain a 15 day visa on arrival only valid for the Kurdish regions. Visitng anywhere else in Iraq requires a visa in advance. Also, Kenya has just introduced an online visa regime that will be enforced from September 1. It means the visa must be obtained prior to arriving in Kenya.

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  2. Kerwin, 
    Thank you kindly for sharing the list young man! I had no idea that Africa had so many countries which do not require a visa. Good news, if I can ever get my old rear end over there. 

    You made a comment about something being geeky or of that nature. I am probably the biggest geek in the world when it comes to food, not to mention passport requirements l. Had no idea countries limited your visits with a small amount of empty pages.

    You also mentioned extra pages when you run low. How does one “add” pages to a passport? I realize this is a “Duh” question, but I don’t want to lose the stamps I have accumulated. Thanks and I appreciate the post!

    1. Post

      You are welcome Mike. Thanks for stopping by.
      Yup, there are at least 12 countries in Africa you can check out and I’m just as bad as you are, I’ve only been to one of those. I’ve only visited 8 African countries in total so far.

      Yes, the countries want to ensure that you have room for their visa as well as the entry and exit stamps. Typically, the visa is on one page and the entry/exit stamps are across from it. Why they would need more than two pages is beyond me. But those are their rules.

      Extra passport pages can be had by following the instructions here. Not a “duh” question at all. I’ll have to get some added soon. I already have a 52 page passport, so will have to add 24 pages now. I think I’ll need a bigger pocket :-).

      If you want it expedited, you can pop into your local regional office (not your post office) if you have one and they can do it the same day for an extra cost. You will need an airline ticket for travel within two weeks though.

      I hope this answered your question Mike. Happy travels.


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  5. Now we  have a list of countries that does not require visa from a US citizen. Any possibility we can come up with a list of countries who require a visa? When planning a trip, I would be more concerned with this list. We do realize visa requirements can and do change without notice.

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  8. I am currently visiting Paraguay and you do need a visa. If you land at the main airport Silvio pettirossi International Airport you pay $160 for a 10-year Visa. Which is multiple entries of 90 days at a time for a total of six months per year.It is well worth the money as everything else is super cheap.

  9. I am currently visiting Paraguay and you do need a visa. If you land at the main airport Silvio pettirossi International Airport you pay $160 for a 10-year Visa. Which is multiple entries of 90 days at a time for a total of six months per year.It is well worth the money as everything else is super cheap.

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