17 Instagram Plane Spotters I Follow And You Must Follow Too

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17 Instagram Plane Spotters I Follow And You Must Follow Too

Instagram says that there are 20,720 accounts with the word aviation somewhere in their account profile. This makes it really difficult to follow all these people. However, there are a few whom I follow and categorize them as #avgeeks in their own right. These are people who seem to eat, sleep, and drink aviation 24/7, as much as I do.

Please check out these accounts and follow the folks here as I guarantee you that you’ll get a very good feel for the aviation industry. They capture the essence of aviation. They are not in any particular order, but I’m going to be cheeky and start with my very own account.


Kerwin McKenzie

Connecting Brands with Travelers. Let’s Talk | Speaker | Author | Countries-121. Airlines flown-172. Passrider.com, Cruisinaltitude.com #WhereisKerwin

I give you a look into my travels through photography. It could be an airport lounge, an airplane interior, a traveler or a piece of architecture. The idea is to let you see the world as I see it when I travel with the hope that you’ll be inspired to travel on your own.


James Lusher

Travel Photographer & Writer Social Media Influencer Proud #AirAsiaTraveller Twitter:@lushaviation Facebook: James Lusher Photography


James has a way of capturing airplanes just at the right moment that makes you go Whoa! He shares most most photos from Sydney. I’m always thinking I need to go find him the next time I’m at SYD. I’ll tell you a secret, its a toss up between James and Sam who you will learn about later as to who is my favorite Aviation Instagrammer.


#Mother of @RealBabyDigital; Owner, Aviation Queen LLC; #Journalist Blogger & Content Writer; World Traveler; Quilter; and YOUR Aunt Benét!


i’ve yet to meet the Aviation Queen as she calls herself, but we communicate online all the time. I like her account as its simple and she adds a photo when she feels the need.


It’s #TravelThursday! #girlslovetravel #blackgirlstravel #letsgo #seoul

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🥂Aviation YouTuber, Frequent Flyer, College Freshman | ✈New video: SAS Business Review🇩🇰🇳🇴🇸🇪| 📤 Business/PR: jenna@mediajems.co.uk ✒ https://www.youtube.com/user/dantorp11

I met Daniel a few years ago in Berlin. We were both in the Finnair booth at the same time. We introduced ourselves and chatted for a bit. The friendship was sealed via our mutual love for airplanes. Daniel flies mostly in business or first class and makes videos about it for YouTube. The videos are quite well done and lengthy, but you get the feel like you took the flight with him.



Mark Buttons

First Class Flight Addict

 ✈ #Firstclass #travel 💳 #Love #miles and #points🍾 #Champagne on #planes 🏡 #NYC 📩 markandrewbuttons@googlemail.com

I’ve never met Mark, but, I live vicariously through his First and Business Class travels and him always drinking bubbly stuff on his flights and on the ground. You can too and be inspired to do the same.



Josh Cahill

📍Top 3 Airline Blogger 2016. 📍The Worlds Top 20 most Influential Airline Blogs 2017. 📍Aspiring YouTuber. ✈ My latest trip report A350-1000 👇🏻youtu.be/8qgh3BQQRZ4

I finally met Josh in March of 2018 in Berlin. I’ve been following him online for a while now and also have spoken online as well. He’s just as personable in person as on his videos. He too makes you feel like you’re on the flight.


Sam Chui

✈ Citizen of the Sky 🎥 Youtuber. https://samchui.com/

I’m been following Sam’s travels for a very long time now. Have still to meet him, but is always inspired by his access and what he shares with us.



Mary Kirby

Where air transport intelligence meets the passenger experience. Editor Mary Kirby. #PaxEx #Safety #AvGeek #LeanIntoAviation #HeForShe #IoT


I met Mary a few times and she’s quite personable and really knows her aviation stuff. She’s the redhead that brings you all the information you need about aircraft interiors.




David from Simply Aviation

ALL pics are self-made! If you want to repost -> Tag us in the picture! #simplyaviation www.simply-aviation.com

I met David only this year in Berlin; one of the great things about visiting travel conventions is that you get to network with fellow #avgeeks. I like David’s well, simplistic view of aviation. He also does a show that just talks aviation too. Plus he gives you a good look into the entire flight experience in all cabins.

Alex Macheras

Aviation Analyst 🛫 #FrequentFlyer | #Traveller 🌏 #AviationNews on TV: Sky News, BBC News, LBC, CNN, Al Jazeera & More Tweet: @AlexInAir 📲


I’ve not yet met Alex, but I enjoy his work. He really has a good insight into the aviation world.



Raj Stevenson ✈ World Traveler 🌍

✈ Travel Blogger Based at 39,000ft 💺 LondonSpotter.co.uk Founder 🖊 Contact in 🇬🇧🇩🇪 📧


I’ve not met Raj as yet, but I really enjoy his work. He’s the founder of LondonSpotter.



Marvin Knitl

✈ Aviation photography ✈ All pictures are mine, no use without permission 📷 🛬 Home Airport: DUS 📸 Camera: Canon EOS 70D

I love seeing planes from different airports so I follow Matt from Dusseldorf, Germany. Haven’t met him as yet. Has some great shots from Frankfurt Airport (FRA)


Plane Spotting Auckland

🔺 AVIATION 🔺 Auckland 🔺 ℙlanes mostly, Foodie and a Cocker Spaniel ℙlease credit me if you repost my pictures ℂanon & iPhone

I don’t know his name, but he has great plane photos from New Zealand.



Natasha (Eatsleepshoottravel)

Travel Photographer, StoryTeller, Av Geek and drinker of Tea. Showing the best of What, Where & How to Eat 🍽 Sleep 🛌 Shoot 📷 & Travel ✈the World 🌎www.eatsleepshoottravelblog.com

I met Natasha a few years back; she is a fellow travel blogger and photographer from the U.K. and a new #avgeek. She does flight reviews with a fresh outlook. I think you’ll love her reviews.



James Oates

Travel Blogger🛫🌍| Londonspotter.co.uk 📸 #sonya7rii#canon7dmark2

While James is only 17, that does not stop him from having a good eye for aviation geekness. I love it when young people get into aviation. I remember how happy I was when I took my first flight at 9 and first commercial flight at 15. It’s great to see aviation from James’ perspective. James also contributes to the Londonspotter account as well.



P I L O T  F I T Z

MD-88 Airline Pilot ✈, ⭕🔴Nissan GT-R R35 owner🔴⭕, Flight Instructor, ERAU Alum 🦅 World Traveler 🌎 📍46/196

I don’t know this guy’s name, but I love his views from the cockpit. Plus we went to the same school so that’s always a plus and he’s counting countries too.


Pilot Patrick

Patrick | First Officer 👨🏼‍✈️| #fitpilot in Berlin 📩| inquiry@pilotpatrick.com ✈| YouTube: PilotPatrick


I’m new to this guy, but I find his post very good and quite informative. Maybe I’ll meet him on a flight one day or in Berlin where he is based. Pilot Patrick is kind of a rockstar it seems though and a model.



Simeon Lüthi

Welcome to my Instagram profile! • Self-taken pics from various airports! • Canon EOS 5D Mark III • 8-15mm • 24-70mm • 70-200mm zuerichspotter.com/blog

I don’t know Simeon, but I love his work. He gives me views from airports all over. Love it! He’s an aviation photographer based in Zurich, so he’s luck to have one of the most awesome airport spotting places around.






Are there any #avgeeks that you follow? Please leave a comment below and a link to their Instagram account. And let me know why you follow them. And share with fellow #avgeeks as well.

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