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2020 Cyber Monday Deals I Found In My Inbox

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2020 Cyber Monday Deals

It’s that time of the year once more and despite being in a pandemic, I got a number of emails with travel offers. I’ll share them with you, but ask that you read all the details concerning changes and of course abide by the travel restrictions and protocols listed and remember that things will change as time go by, so don’t be too disappointed of you have to make changes to what you’ve purchased.

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Looking for Hotels?


Want some Marriott Bed and Linen?

Shop Marriott

If you’re missing sleeping in a hotel bed, you can purchase the bedding as well as the beds, etc. through the Shop Marriott website. They also have similar sites for their other brands.

Go to Shop Marriott to begin.

25% Off With Marriott Properties



Visit North Rhein Westphalia

Checkout Germany when we can all travel, hopefully sometime next year.


Need To Rent A Car?

Enjoy a safer, faster, easier rental experience at up to 40% off the base rate* when you pay now.  

Eurail in 2021

If you’re thinking of Europe next year, consider train travel. Check out the details below


Thinking of Heading To Las Vegas?

Monarch Beach Resort

monarch beach hotel Presidential Terrace

Monarch in California has a 50% off deal. 

Head over to for details.