Most Expensive Airport Hotels

5 Expensive Airport Hotels Around The World

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Expensive Airport Hotels

The most expensive hotel I’ve every stayed that I paid for is The Stanford Court in San Francisco, CA USA. there was some event in town apparently and the entire city was booked. I walked around for about two hours and if you know San Francisco, CA you know that takes a lot of effort with the hills. Flabbergasted, I paid $350/night and called it a day.

But, I digress; this post is about expensive airport hotels. Let’s take a look at some of the more expensive one, I’ve encountered, but didn’t stay.


TWA Hotel at JFK Airport (JFK) (Most Expensive Airport Hotel)

I recently was looking for a place to stay one night in JFK. I had stayed here before a few months ago and paid $245, which is expensive, but as an aviation geek you have to stay at this hotel at least once. But on this night I was not feeling up to doing the AirTrain to Federal Circle and then wait in the cold for the hotel shuttle bus. So I checked on the rates; it was $450! I ended up staying at the Hampton Inn which was expensive at $178 plus taxes.

Now, while writing this article, I checked on the current rate tonight for the TWA Hotel and its $582!

TWA Hotel - Executive Double Queen Suite With Runway View

Now, this is a very nice room as you get to lie in bed and watch planes taxi, takeoff and land. I mean how cool is that?


Oryx Hotel, Doha Airport (DOH)

I had an eight hour layover in Doha enroute back to Houston. I was really looking forward to staying at the Oryx Hotel as I’d heard so much about it. But silly me, didn’t book right away and even if I did I could not afford it as looks like the standard price is QAR 1,390 which is about $381.76! Good grief.

When I got to Doha, it was nuts and I really wanted a hotel room, so I checked and they actually had one room left and the front desk clerk said it was $525! I thanked him and made a beeline for the elevator to get back downstairs. I don’t even think I took any photos as I’d wanted to.

Oryx Hotel Doha Airport (DOH)


Looking for A Hotel?



Crown Plaza Singapore Changi Airport (SIN)

I’ve stayed at this hotel twice I think. Once I had flown in from Sydney, Australia and I had an early connecting flight and was too tired to get on the train go into the city to sleep for a few hours and then head back to the airport. Don’t get me wrong, it was a nice room and I’m an IHG Spire Elite, so I scored the upgrade which gave me a huge suite where I could invite half of the airport to hang out and I’d still have room for more :-).

I used points, but the rate is like $200+. I checked and it’s not changed, the rate in October 2022 is $237.56.

Crowne Plaza Singapore Changi Airport (SIN)


Ambassador Transit Hotel Singapore Changi (SIN)

I’ve stayed in the Aerotel Transit Hotel in this airport before, but not the Ambassador one. Aerotel was a lot cheaper. The Ambassador maxes out at $417.00 for 24 hours.

Ambassador Transit Hotel Singapore Changi (SIN)


Grand Hyatt at SFO

I’ve not stayed at this hotel as yet. Partly due to the fact that the rates are always so high at $340. It does have a fantastic room that allows you to keep an eye on the airplane at the gates though. Of course if you have Hyatt points, this may be a place to use it.

Hyatt at SFO (SFO)


What have you found in your travels?

What’s the most expensive airport hotel you know of or have stayed in? Leave a comment below.