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When I started Passrider.com back in 2002, my goal was to provide a place where you as an airline employee can get information that make your lives easier when you travel. Fifteen years on, I hope I’ve done that and continue to do that.


I’ve added a lot of functionality to the site since its inception and there are many more to come. Some have been more challenging than others :-). You are free to use the site and still receive maximum value from it, however, there are some tools that take a little more time and energy to produce so these have been placed in a Premium area of the site.


Premium means there is a charge to access the information in that area of the site. In adding new Premium features, you don’t lose any of the existing features you’ve been accustomed to using for free, so not to worry. These Premium features are really designed to take your travels to the next level.


Here are the extra services you receive in addition to the existing services on Passrider.com.

  1. Flight Schedules Preferences – Store your search preferences. This auto populates whenever you use the Flight Schedule engine.

    Passrider Flight Schedule Preferences

    Passrider Flight Schedule Preferences


  2. Airport Schedules – a list of all the routes to/from a particular airport. This includes nonstops, directs and round robins
    Airport Schedules Results

    Airport Schedules Results


  3. Email Schedules – you can view a schedule as you normally do, but now you can email it to yourself or to someone else. This way you can view it whenever you need it, even if you are offline.
    Passrider Flight Schedules Email Schedules-Enter Email Addresses

    Passrider Flight Schedules Email Schedules-Enter Email Addresses


  4. City Notes – Audio information about select cities around the world. Here you will find information about how to get from the airport to the city, what to see and where to stay and other city tidbits.
  5. Exclusive Facebook Group – Interact with other Passriders on facebook; share stories, photos, advice, etc. all in real-time.
  6. One (1) Passrider Routing Guide – The Guide has an overview of the destination, airports serving the city, hotel information, airlines serving city, plus specific passrider information. You will also have access to previously requested Guides in PDF format. One new Guide request per month.
  7. Bonus: Some of my published books – There are five available so far; three are show below. These range anywhere from $7.87 to $27.77 depending on the book so you already make out with just this one bonus item.
    Kerwin's Books on Gumroad

    Kerwin’s Books on Gumroad


So what does this cost?


$7.99/month, that’s about 26 cents a day!


Join Now and get a 7-day trial for $1.75!




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  1. Hi there… Thank you very much for all you do on this website and it makes our lives much easier… I am curious however because I commute out of Freeport Bahamas up to Montreal or Toronto and yet in your flight schedules it makes no mention whatsoever of silver airways… Are you able to advise me if this is something I’m doing or whether it’s just not picked up because that is a route that I use

    1. Post

      Hi John,
      You are welcome. Glad you find the service helpful.

      Since you have to make a connection in possibly MIA or FLL, choose the interline option and this will give you connections which combine different airlines.


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