89 Things To Do As An Airline Employee Before You Quit By Kerwin McKenzie

Want to learn how to maximize your flight benefits? 89 Things To Do As An Airline Employee Before you QUIT is a step-by-step guide on making the most of your airline employee benefits. From flying around the world in a weekend, enjoying breakfast in Hong Kong or attending the four major Tennis Opens, this 358-page book provides detailed instructions–plus a few insider travel secrets–with the airline employee in mind.

Here’s what two airline employees had to say –

Great resource for the airline employee who has already done all of the “obvious” trips.

Handy market-specific travel tips, and un-obvious destination recommendations from a former employee who lives for the next trip – wherever that may be!

-ex-airline employee

Great Guide for active and retired airline employees especially those new in the industry. Kevin has done a great job compiling destinations and possible options on how to arrive to them. He has also given me new ideas for my future traveling. Great Guide to keep. I highly recommend it!



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Here’s the table of contents to give you an idea:

Table of Contents 
Chapter 1 – Things to do before you depart
Chapter 2 – Travel Tips
Chapter 3 – The Things
  1. Visit an airplane graveyard
  2. Take a day trip to beautiful Oahu
  3. Visit somewhere different every weekend for a month
  4. Fly around the world in a weekend
  5. Fly around the Southern Hemisphere
  6. Fly around the world only on Airbus A380 operators
  7. Fly around the world on one airline brand (almost)
  8. Take a weekend trip to see the crystal-clear Caribbean beaches
  9. Take a weekend trip to Europe
    1. Austria
    2. Belgium
    3. France
    4. Germany
    5. The Netherlands
    6. United Kingdom
  10. Have breakfast or dinner overlooking Kowloon Bay in Hong Kong (check out the Peninsula or Sheraton hotels)
  11. Go have some really cheap and good Mexican food in Mexico
  12. Visit a few of the famous vineyards around the globe
  13. Visit Seoul, South Korea
  14. Marvel at some of the wonders of South America
    1. The European feel of Buenos Aires, Argentina
    2. Colonia, Uruguay
    3. Iguacu Falls, Argentina/Brazil/Paraguay
    4. Lima, Peru (LIM)
    5. Visit Machu Picchu
    6. Cuzco, Peru
    7. Cuzco, Peru
    8. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    9. São Paulo, Brazil
    10. Visit Uruguay for a few hours
    11. Visit the Mitad del Mundo in Quito, Ecuador
    12. Have a bottle of Argentinean wine in Argentina
    13. Or a bottle of Chilean chardonnay in Chile; how cool is this?
    14. Visit the southernmost city in the world
  15. View the Sydney Harbour from high atop the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Sydney
    1. Getting There From North America
    2. Getting There From Europe
    3. Getting There From Asia
    4. Getting There From The Middle East
  16. Be spontaneous
  17. Do you like horse racing and fashionable hats? Then check out the Triple Crown horse-racing events
    1. Kentucky Derby
    2. The Preakness Stakes
    3. Belmont Stakes
  18. If you are a tennis fan, watch the four major tennis opens; even if you are not, it is an excuse to visit these fine cities
    1. The Australian Tennis Open in Melbourne,
    2. Australia (MEL)
    3. The French Tennis Open at Roland Garros in Paris (CDG, ORY)
    4. Wimbledon in London (LCY, LGW, LHR, LTN, SEN, STN)
    5. The U.S. Open in Flushing Meadows, Queens, New York (LGA, JFK, ISP, EWR, HPN)
  19. Visit Alaska
  20. Visit The People’s Republic of China
  21. Visit Greenland
  22. Visit Iceland
  23. Visit India
  24. Visit Japan
  25. Visit Thailand
  26. Hike to the inside center of the Great Pyramids of Giza
  27. Visit six of the seven continents, as it is a bit difficult to get to Antarctica
  28. Visit a lock
    1. Miraflores Locks, Panama
    2. Seattle
    3. Berlin mühlendamm schleuse Berlin
    4. Camden Locks, London
    5. Castle Lock Nottingham, United Kingdom
  29. Visit the Tasmanian devil in Tasmania, Australia
  30. Visit the Mexican pyramids
  31. Visit the Coliseum of Rome
  32. Visit a theme park
  33. Visit family and friends unexpectedly
  34. Visit a U.S. national monument or memorial that is in a city other than your own
  35. Watch a sports game played by your favorite team in another city, just because you can
  36. Visit a remote place
  37. Take the United Airlines Island Hopper
  38. Visit a city within one degree of the equator
  39. Snorkel or scuba the Great Barrier Reef in Australia
  40. Visit Petra, Jordan
  41. Visit all the U.S. Presidential Libraries
  42. Visit at least one of the world’s tallest structures
  43. Visit volcanoes
  44. Fly on the world’s longest flights
  45. Visit the Swedish Lapland
  46. Tour the headquarters of the major airplane manufacturers
  47. Have a drink at the Ice Bar
  48. Hike to the tops of the pyramids of Tikal in Guatemala
  49. Visit the 49th parallel between the U.S. and Canada
  50. Fly on the world’s shortest flight
  51. Attend a major airshow
  52. Spend a day watching planes land and take off in St. Maarten (SXM)
  53. Spend four hours in Las Vegas just for the heck of it
  54. See your favorite artist perform in a city other than your home city
  55. Take your parents on a special trip somewhere, unexpectedly
  56. Decide on a Friday morning where you are going that Friday after work and actually do it
  57. Go to a major sporting event
  58. Get bumped from a flight
  59. Fly an airline other than your own, often
  60. Take a trip with your co-workers
  61. Enjoy a beer festival or visit a brewery
    1. Anheiser-Busch Budweiser Brewery Experience
    2. Guinness Storehouse
    3. The Heineken Experience
  62. Go to at least one of the annual film festivals around the world
  63. Take your best friends and family on an “all air tickets paid” trip to an international destination
  64. Enter a country by air and exit by another means of transportation or vice versa
  65. Take a red-eye flight and go to work that same day
  66. Go to a city and party 24 hours, then return home
  67. Take a trip and do not stay in a hotel
  68. Do something distinctly different because you can as an airline employee
  69. Run a marathon or similar race in any city of your choice; especially Marathon, Greece
  70. Take a high-speed train
  71. Go see the taping of a TV show
  72. Go golfing in some of the world’s best golf courses
  73. Climb or visit the Seven Summits
    1. Mount Aconcagua in Argentina [South America]
    2. Mount Carstensz in Papua, Indonesia [Asia]
    3. Mount Denali in Alaska, U.S. [North America]
    4. Mount Elbrus in Russia [Europe]
    5. Mount Everest in Nepal [Asia]
    6. Mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya [Africa]
    7. Mount Vinson in Antarctica
  74. Ride a camel
  75. Take a day trip to a North American City
    1. Chicago [Midway (MDW), O’Hare (ORD)]
    2. New York City [Islip McArthur (ISP), New York-JFK, LaGuardia (LGA), Newark-Liberty (EWR), White Plains (HPN)]
    3. Portland, Oregon (PDX)
    4. San Francisco [Oakland (OAK), San Francisco (SFO), San Jose (SJO)]
    5. Seattle (SEA)
  76. Visit upwards of three countries all during the same day
  77. Be in two continents in less than 10 minutes
  78. Go shopping in a foreign country
  79. Take a swamp boat tour in Louisiana
  80. Go to the rodeo
  81. Go see a theatre production in a foreign country or city, then return to your domicile
  82. Go skiing somewhere cool
  83. Fly to the Memphis airport (MEM) just to get barbecue
  84. Spend some time at an aviation museum
    1. Berlin, Germany (TXL, SXF)
    2. Edinburgh, Scotland (EDI)
    3. Houston, Texas (HOU, IAH)
    4. London, England (LCY, LGW, LHR, LTN, SEN, STN)
    5. New York, New York (EWR, HPN, ISP, JFK, LGA)
    6. Paris, France (BVA, CDG, ORY)
    7. Portland, Oregon (PDX)
    8. San Diego, California (SAN)
    9. Seattle, Washington (SEA)
    10. Washington, D.C. Area (BWI, DCA, IAD)
  85. See how many airports you can land at or take off from for one 24-hour period
  86. See how many airports you can land at or take off from for one 24-hour period
  87. Visit all the countries in any one continent
  88. Visit every country in the world
  89. Visit all the commercial airports in the world or at least in your immediate region, say your own country, state, etc.
  90. Fly all the different commercial aircraft types in existence
  91. Fly all the different airlines in the world.


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