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Our world is a beautiful place. As I travel the world I meet the people in this beautiful place and have been a recipient of their kindness.

I've been helped by people all over the world during my journey.

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    “As you travel, I implore you to treat others with dignity and respect, accentuate the positive and spread a little love and kindness to your fellow humans along the way.”

    Kerwin McKenzie

    Houston, TX

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    What is it all about?

    This book chronicles eight stories about my time with people I've met in six countries around the world.

    Read about:

    1. The kindness of a teenager in Jamestown, Ghana
    2. A perfect stranger shows us the way in Ada Foah, Ghana
    3. The staff at the train stations in Japan goes beyond the call of duty
    4. An Irishman and his friends show me true Irish hospitality
    5. Strangers helping me at a bus station in the wee hours in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovinia
    6. An Omani shows me true Omani kindness
    7. Scoring an upgrade in a Las Vegas hotel without even asking
    8. A note a day in Las Vegas kept me very happy during my hotel stay.