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by Kerwin McKenzie on November 13, 2016


Note: All photos of Bhutan are compliments of the Bhutan Tourist Board.

I’ve not been to Bhutan as yet, but I hope to change that pretty soon. It’s a tiny land locked country between India and China with two local airlines and not too much air service. if you want to take a scenic flight in, fly out of Katmandu, Nepal (KTM) to Paro, Bhutan (PHB).



Taktsang Monastery (Tiger's Nest) - compliments of the Bhutan Tourist Board Taktsang Monastery (Tiger’s Nest) – compliments of the Bhutan Tourist Board



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If you’d like to visit, I’ve compiled some facts to help you on your journey.

  • Time Zone: GMT +6
  • – Currency: Ngultrum (Nu).
  • – Language: Dzongkha. English is spoken as its taught in the schools.
  • – Visa and Health Information: Travel to Bhutan is a little different than most other places. Tourism influx is controlled by a visa process that requires you to apply for a visa through the tour operators. You typically pay them a per day charge that includes all your needs; visa, meals and accommodations. It’s typically about $205 USD/day or so. You can find approved tour operators at Here is some additional information for U.S. Citizens. If you are not a U.S. citizen, use this link to check visa requirements.
  • – National Airlines: Bhutan Airlines (B3) and Drukair Royal Bhutan Airlines (KB)
  • – Scheduled Service Airlines Serving Paro International Airport in Thimphu, Bhutan (PBH): Bhutan Airlines (B3) and Drukair Royal Bhutan Airlines (KB). Check here for airline schedules.
  • – Airfare Tip: If looking for a low fare, book at the Web sites for the low cost carriers as you’ll more than likely get the best value there. Try my partner SkyScanner.
  • – Airport To The City:  Your tour operator will handle all ground transportation for you.


Bhutan Lake Bhutan Lake




Use the search box  below to see what kind of hotels are available in Bhutan or you can sue the link from our partner TripAdvisor.

Things To Do in Bhutan

Bhutan is the land of happiness. They are very big on outdoor adventure, so if you like adventure this is the place for you. You can do treks into the mountains and of course go see the famous Monastery called Tiger’s Nest which is nestled on the side of the mountain. I’m told it takes a few hours to get up there so give yourself adequate time. You can find plenty of information at



Bhutan festivals Bhutan festivals







Here are a number of festivals to check out. Consider planning your trip around these festivals. You can find a full list of the festivals at although I’ve listed a few of them below.

  • – Haa Festival (October)
  • – The Black-Necked Crane Tshechu (November)
  • – Dochula Druk Wangyel Festival (December)
  • – Punakha Tshechu Festival (Febraury)
  • – Paro Tshechu Festival (April)
  • – Matsutake Mushroom Festival (August)
  • – Thimpu Tshechu (September to October)




Bhutan - Bridge and Mountain Bhutan – Bridge and Mountain



10 Things to Do in Bhutan

  1. Visit Taktsang Monastery (Tiger’s Nest)
  2. Mountain Trekking
  3. Punakha Dzong
  4. Wildlife and Bird Watching
  5. Visit the Hot Springs (tshachus); the Gasa hot springs are a well known one visited by humans and wild animals alike
  6. Thimphu Weekend Market
  7. Trongsa Dzong
  8. Mountain Biking
  9. Tshechu
  10. Archery which is the national sport.



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