Daytime Flights To Europe From The U.S.

18 Daytime Flights To Europe From The U.S., Canada and Bermuda You Wished You Knew About

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Daytime Flights To Europe From The U.S., Canada and Bermuda Originally published December 24, 2022 Most of the flights from the U.S. (north American continent) to Europe depart at night. However, there are some airlines that operate what are called daytime flights. Let me answer some questions about transatlantic flights and then we can take a look at these daytime …

Southwest Boeing 737-700 in Las Vegas, NV (LAS)

Southwest Airlines Flight Cancellations 2022/2023

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Southwest Airlines Flight Cancellations: What’s Going On? With all the Southwest Airlines flight cancellations, it’s been a crazy week for travelers. Many travelers have not made it to their destinations through no fault of their own. As a matter of fact, I know people who have given up on waiting for a flight and did a one-way car rental across …

An Airline Lost My Luggage; That Wasn’t The Worst Part

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What Happens When An Airline Loses Your Luggage? As you know, I fly on average about 150-175K miles per year, although in the last few years, this has been lower for obvious reasons, and usually, I do not check a bag.  I’ve checked a bag less than 10, maybe even less than five times since I’ve been flying, and it’s …