Jersey Channel Islands

Jersey, Channel Islands Is Totally Worth Visiting: Let’s Go!

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Destination Information – Jersey, Channel Islands I’d never been to Jersey before, none of the Channel Islands really, so being in the U.K. for a bit, I jumped at the opportunity to make it happen in my quest to visit all the countries/territories in the world. History of Jersey, Channel Islands You know how good I am at history :-), …

Almeria, Spain - Welcome To Almeria

Almería, Spain: A Taste Of Caribbean Weather In Spain

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Destination Information – Almería, Spain I visited Almería in Spain as a guest of the Andalucia and Almería Tourism Boards in June 2022. I’ve been to southern Spain before, Jerez de la Frontera, Malaga, La Linea and Gibraltar U.K., but not to this particular town, so I was excited to explore. Why is Almería, Spain famous? Almería is famous for …

I Love Tobago

Tobago, The Forgotten Paradise

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Destination Information – Tobago I visited Tobago at least twice many years ago, and now it was time to return as I was visiting friends on the mainland of Trinidad. Tobago is the second island in the twin-island Republic of Trinidad & Tobago. As with many Caribbean islands, there was lots of fighting to own it. You can read about …

I Love Guyana

Georgetown Guyana – The Forgotten “Caribbean Island”

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Destination Information – Georgetown Guyana Georgetown, Guyana. Georgetown is the capital of Guyana, that country that is a part of the Caribbean, but is not an island and is not in the Caribbean, but actually in South America! Confused? Let me explain. Guyana is considered a part of the Caribbean as its a part of what’s called CARICOM, Caribbean Communities, …