CBS’ Amazing Race – Flight Attendants Style

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Exciting times as CBS’ Amazing Race has three flight attendants on the show this its 25th season! Are you a fan? Well, I am. It starts tonight and guess what, there are three airline employees (flight attendants) on the cast this season. First there’s: Shelley and Nici! They are mom and daughter from DTW, so umm… I wonder which airline …

Hostels Are Great Places To Stay Too. Why Not Try A Luxury Hostel The Next Time You Travel?

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The first time I’ve ever stayed in a hostel in my adult years was back in 2004. I was in Perth, Australia, doing a southern hemisphere crawl, and needed a place to stay for a few hours and a hotel room was way too expensive. So I stayed at a local hostel. It was 26 AUD/day and I was able to get a shower, sleep and some food in the 10 hours I spent in Perth.