Cinnamon Air

Airline Introduction: When Next In Sri Lanka, Check Out Cinnamon Air

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Introducing Cinnamon Air If you wish to get around Sri Lanka quickly, you should consider flying as despite an extensive road network (which they are currently improving), it does take a long time to get to your destination due to the mountains and traffic. There are a few faster options though, one of them being Cinnamon Air (C7). But you …

Airport Departure Taxes

Airport Departure Tax: 7 Interesting Things You Must Know For Your Next Trip

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Airport Departure Taxes As annoying and sometimes expensive as airport departure taxes are, we have to live with them. Let’s talk about them for a bit. What is Airport Departure Tax (Fee) An Airport Departure Tax is a fee/tax that is paid to the country from which you are departing. This is usually included in your ticket, although sometimes you …