A Universal Travel Adapter And Travel Tools You Can’t Do Without

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When I travel I don’t really have much space for extras. Today, I carry around three travel adapters. One for the U.K., Australia and the other for the Rest of Europe. But I no longer have to do that as I found a universal travel adapter from Kanex that solves my issue. In addition, I’ve found two other great travel tools from them.  Check them out here, enter the giveaway and if you need a WiFi hotspot, they are giving a 20% discount. All devices generously provided by Kanex.

Swap Your Home With Another Passrider Today

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Launched in May 2011, Knok is an online home swap community which allows its members to travel around the world for free, exchanging their homes. Currently, Knok has more than 17,000 listings in more than 147 different countries. Home swap has many advantages: It’s not only about saving a lot of money in accommodation, but also enjoying a more comfortable place (you have much more space than a hotel room, etc), and discover the destination place like a local airline employee, not like a tourist.

787 Thank Yous

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For Black Friday we are offering the McKenzie Ultimate Guide: Non-Revenue Staff Travel Guide for $7.87. Why?
This guide is a must have for all passriders. Get yours today. As a bonus, we will send you a list of Alternate Airports in the U.S. – This eBook is a 100.00 USD value as it showcases a list of select airports around the U.S. and other airports within close proximity.

Get An ID20 Discount On Your Next Booked Tour/Attraction

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Need a tour or to purchase an attraction on your next trip? We’ve partnered with Get Your Guide to bring you their guided tours of cities around the world. Some of you prefer to be on your own and just explore on your own.  Others prefer organized tours.  Either way, our partner, Get Your Guide to offers you an exclusive 20% discount on tours while supplies last. Just go over to their site and use the code: If you are reading this e-mail after Sunday, then you can still get a 10% discount…

I’m Sorry The Flight Has A Weight Restriction, You’ve Been Bumped

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Have you ever gotten bumped because your flight was weight-restricted? I’m sure you have. Do you know what all this means? Here’s my attempt to explain it. The aviation industry started with cargo and then people were added.  So as much as we think that people are the reason for flying, its really cargo.  More money is usually made from cargo and it does not complain .  An airplane is designed with what’s called a maximum takeoff weight (MTOW). This is the combined weight of everything, the plane, baggage, fuel, cargo, people, food, etc., everything.