Thank You For Your Support

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This is Kerwin with and I wanted to do a video thank you. This is a video to say Thank you for your support in 2011 and hope to have more fun in 2012. And if you’re traveling this Holiday season I hope you have your backup plans get your tickets. Use the web site to find your different …

Have You Ever Taken the Island Hopper?

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At the moment, I’m in Guam and will take the Island Hopper tomorrow to Honolulu, HI.  It makes five stops from GUM-TKK-PNI-KSA-KWA-MAJ-HNL.  It takes about 15 hours in all :-). Depart at 9:00a and arrive at 3:30a the same day :-). Here is a mapping of the route. Have you ever taken this flight? Please leave a comment below.

Passrider Checklist: 12 Things To Do Before Any Trip

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              When planning a trip, there are so many things we have to thing about before we depart. Here are 12 Things to bear in mind: Camera with charged batteries and empty card Gotta do it, record your adventures, but be prepared, take extra cards and remember to charge those batteries beforehand Charged Mobile …