100+ Free Things To Do in London, England

100+ Free Things to Do In London, England

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Discovering London: 100+ Free Things to Do In London, England London | New York City  London, a city steeped in history, culture, and art, is as vibrant and diverse as it is historic. It’s a place where centuries-old architecture stands alongside contemporary innovation, offering a unique blend of attractions for all who visit or call it home. Remarkably, many of …

Global Entry Price Increase

Global Entry Price Increase: Fee To Go Up Starting in October 2024

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Global Entry Price Increase Come October 1, 2024 If you’re not familiar, Global Entry is a program administered by the U.S. government. It allows you to enter the U.S. much easier once you’re approved. It’s a lengthy application process where you are asked where have you visited for several years among other questions. But it’s worth is as once you’re …

Etihad Business Class 787-9

Black Friday 2023 Travel Deals

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Black Friday Travel Deals I’ve seen a number of travel deals that came across my email box in the last few days that are worth looking at. Also, just booking normally on the airlines’ websites, the fares are somewhat cheaper, so if you have to get somewhere, consider taking a look at confirmed space if you’re an airline employee. Let’s …

Sweden vs Switzerland

Is Sweden And Switzerland The Same Country?

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What’s The Difference Between Sweden and Switzerland Travelers seem to always mix up these two countries, I’m not sure why. They don’t even have flags that look alike :-). The Swedish tourist board is tired of it so they’ve launched a campaign to help the world figure it out. And having been to both countries, I’ve written this post to …