65 Places in the U.S. That Most People Haven't Visited

65 Places In The U.S. That Most People Haven’t Visited

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65 Places In The U.S. That Most People Haven’t Visited People tend to visit the same places all the time as they are famous. In 2017, I wrote about these 65 places in the U.S. that you perhaps never heard of or even visited. I’ve sorted them by state to make it easier for you in case you decide to …

Updated travel guidelines from the CDC

New Travel Guidelines From The CDC

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Travel Guidelines From The CDC Today, April 2, 2021, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) issued some new guidelines as it relates to traveling in the U.S. This specifically relates to travelers who are full vaccinated. Before I share the details though, let’s first define the term “fully vaccinated.” Fully vaccinated means that its been 14 days after your full …

10 Places You'll Be Able To Hopefully Visit Soon

10 Places You Dreamed Of Visiting in 2021, During 2020

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Unfamiliar Destinations 2020 was a different year, but despite that, your dreams of traveling were not bashed. In fact, you started to think about visiting different places. In different, I mean places you wouldn’t normally think of visiting. I know this as in 2017, I post 365 unfamiliar destinations, one for each day and I looked at the statistics for …

Around The World In 8 Acts Of Kindness

New Book: Around The World In Eight Acts Of Kindness

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  Around The World In Eight Acts Of Kindness After visiting 125 countries and flown 180 airlines, I’ve met many people. I found that people are really very pleasant; well most people :-). They will really help you as that is their natural instinct. And when you try to return the favor, they politely say no. This book shares eight …