CBS’ Amazing Race – Flight Attendants Style

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Exciting times as CBS’ Amazing Race has three flight attendants on the show this its 25th season!

Are you a fan? Well, I am. It starts tonight and guess what, there are three airline employees (flight attendants) on the cast this season. First there’s:

  1. Shelley and Nici! They are mom and daughter from DTW, so umm… I wonder which airline they work for? :-). They look like sisters.
  2. Tim and Te Jay Tim’s the flight attendant; Te Jay just enjoys the benefits :-). They are boyfriends from Pasadena, CA. Not sure who Tim works for.

A colleague and I actually applied a few years back, but we did not make it. Have you ever applied?

So please watch the show (its moved to Fridays at 7P CT/8ET) and cheer them along, I’ll be watching too and blogging about it right here on I’m excited are you?

I’ll be adding to this post as the season progresses.

Episode 1 – Friday, 26 September 2014

The shows opens in Times Square where they are all introduced. They get their first clue at the Big Globe in Flushing Meadon Park; home of the U.S. Open. They are told to “Fly to St. Thomas, USVI”. Five on AA and Six on DL.

First flight is in the a.m. its late night so they have to wait. Although with editing it did not see like the wait was so long. They leave from JFK.

  • Showed 767s
  • Tim and Te Jay were on the first flight
  • Shelley and Nici on second flight
  • Tim and Te Jay second ones on first flight N394SF seaplane; a Cessna 208  in the Virgin Islands operated by City Wings
  • #collegesweathearts is the hashtag to follow them.
  • A Delta (DL) Boeing 757-200 landing with second team
  • Shelley and Nici were on flight 4 to the Island.
  • Only one plane though N394SF so they have to wait for a while
  • #leapoffaith is the hahstag to follow them on social media.
  • Tim and Te Jay jumped first and got the treasure map and went to the boat. They are currently in 1st place at that moment.
  • Road Block
  • Tim started digging under the bell in error
  • They started digging in error again as they were reading the compass the wrong way.
  • So they were passed by the other players.
  • Strangely enough I’ve not seen the lady flight attendants
  • They wee in 7th place. #momDaughter is the hashtag to find them
  • So 0:33 into the show Misti and Tim won the Save (#TheSave) which means they could use it to save themselves anytime in the show that they lose.
  • There was not a prize like other times, just that Save coupon.
  • Tim was having issues with the compass as he could not get his bearings.
  • Finally at 0:42 into the show Tim found his chest and they were off to the Pit stop
  • Shelly and Nici are taking a long time; I think they may be eliminated
  • Then Tim and TeJay arrived at the PitStop they are team number 2 to arrive.
  • Finally mom found it in and head for the Pit Stop in 8th place.
  • It’s getting late though.
  • Three more teams to go on the beach until its dark
  • Shelly & Nici arrived as team #8 at the Pit Stop
  • Three teams still digging into the night
  • So the last team to arrive are the real estate girls from Miami.

At least they got a trip to St. Thomas.

Episode 2 – Friday, 3 October 2014

  • All teams headed for London on two flights.
  • Tim & Tejay on first flight
  • Showed a Delta Boeing 757-200 taking off with the
  • Shelly and Nici on the second flight
  • Funny how they showed a direct path from St. Thomas to London instead of the connecting city
  • Showed a Delta Boeing 767-400 landing in London-Heathrow (LHR)
  • Picked up clue (a Detour) from Tower Bridge; they got to Tower Bridge via a cab from LHR – pricey
  • About Face (do the changing of the Guards) or Pancake Race (done by Parliament)
  • Tim & Tejay did the About Face changing of the guards
  • Showed second DL Boeing 767-400 landing in LHR with Shelly and Nici onboard
  • Second Clue; Travel by train from Paddington to Oxford
  • Shelly & Nici did About Face as they were in the military before
  • They had to wait for each other to finish it, so it too a little longer it seemed

Episode 4 – Friday, 17 October 2014

  • Started in the Shetland Islands
  • Misti & Jim left first to take a ferry to Aberdeen then a flight to Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Adam & Bethany left next
  • Keith & Whitney next
  • At the Lerwick Ferry Terminal
  • Then they took the Northlink Ferry to Aberdeen
  • All contestants on the same ferry
  • Went to Aberdeen International Airport
  • Showed what looked like a KLM Fokker 70 taking off
  • Showed them boarding a 737-800 PH-???
  • The Showed a Boeing 777 taking off from KL
  • The aviation sequence was difficult as they had all kinds of planes being shown.
  • Showed a KL Md-11 landing
  • Next task: Drive from Denmark to Sweden with a hybrid
  • Tim & TeJay are in 7th Place when they arrive in Copenhagen
  • Shelly & Nici in last place and they cannot find their car at the airport; they argue about it
  • Tim answered the questions about the capital of the Scandinavian cities (Oslo, Norway; Copenhagen, Denmark and Stockholm, Sweden) in one go; good man. Others had to ask the locals
  • Shelly & Nici arrived under the required .10 gallon of fuel usage for the 20 mile journey
  • Tim & Tejay arrived at the finish line in 5th Place
  • Shelly & Nici had a lot of trouble navigating and did not get along well; they ended up arriving in 6th Place #MatMeltdown gives you a good breakdown of what happened. They literally had a meltdown at the finish line. It was painful to watch.
  • By the time the last team arrived the Great Dane had fallen asleep
  • But it was a non-elimination leg so they get to race again and get to keep their Save.

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