Flight Schedules – How To Use The Airport Schedules Feature

by Kerwin McKenzie on November 17, 2015

Many of you have asked for a feature that helps you to see all the routings from a particular airport. You’ve also asked for all the schedules from a particular airport, but that’s coming.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to the Airport Schedules functionality that allows you to see all the routings from a particular airport and the airline that serves this route.

Firstly, this is only for premium monthly members. So head to the Airport Schedules drop down under Reservations you can hover over the Reservations tab or click on Reservations and then click on Airport Schedules.



Airport Schedules Dropdown Airport Schedules Dropdown



You will then see a page that looks like this:



Airport Schedules Home Page Airport Schedules Home Page



Enter your airport code, name, or city name and choose the airport. Click “Show Schedules.” You will then be given a list of all the Nonstops, Directs and Round Robin markets that are served to/from that airport. Similar to what you see below:



Airport Schedules Enter Airport Code Airport Schedules Enter Airport Code



Once you enter your airport code, e.g. LAX, you will see the following listing. You can click on Nonstop From or To or Directs or RoundRobin to navigate the page. If you require a new search, just click “New Search.”



Airport Schedules Results Airport Schedules Results


Now if you want to see the actual schedules, click on the “Check Schedules” link and you will see something like below. Note that sometimes you may not receive any results as the schedule may be seasonal and the Check Schedules looks at a 7-day schedule from today’s date.



Airport Schedules Results United LAX to ABQ Airport Schedules Results United LAX to ABQ



I hope that you will find this feature useful. Please leave a note below if you have any comments.

Thanks for your support.

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