hotel rewards programs

Hotel Rewards Programs

Understanding Hotel Rewards Programs

Hotel rewards programs are so overly complex; you almost need a de-coder ring. I’m here for you as it’s important that when you travel you maximize every dollar. One way to do this is to know which hotel belongs to which hotel reward program. This will ensure that you get credit for every stay. Use this handy tool to check which hotel reward program your hotel belongs to.


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How Do Hotel Loyalty Programs Work?

When you stay at a hotel, you gain points each time you stay as long as you are a member of the hotel reward program and book directly with the hotel. Note that some hotels won’t give you any points or full points if you book through a service other than directly with the hotel. You can do this via phone or their website or App.

Anchorage, Alaska Marriott Hotel Lobby

Anchorage, Alaska Marriott Hotel Lobby

You can also earn points by using the credit card for the hotel, purchasing items with this credit card, getting bonus points for signing up for a hotel credit card or buying points from the hotel. You can get these points at a discount when the hotel has special offers.

What Is A Complimentary Stay?

As you continue earning points eventually, you will get to the threshold set by the hotel for what is called a complimentary hotel night; i.e. a free hotel stay.

Hilton Barbados Resort - City View - Bridgetown

Hilton Barbados Resort – City View – Bridgetown

Each hotel has a different amount of points required for a complimentary night and also have different hotel tiers. Some hotel credit card program also will give you a free hotel night every year on your card anniversary date as a perk of getting the card. Typically there are restrictions on this certificate, usually good for one year and only allowed at select properties.

What Is The Largest Hotel Loyalty Program?

Currently, the largest hotel loyalty program is Marriott Bonvoy from Marriott Hotels.

Marriott Hotel Anchorage, Alaska Bathrobe

Marriott Hotel Anchorage, Alaska Bathrobe