How To Fly For Free

How To Fly For Free

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Fly for Free: How to Upgrade Your Travel Experience


Hey everyone, this is Kerwin, and welcome to another episode of Travel Talk.

Today, I want to share some insider tips on how to fly for free and upgrade your travel experience. Trust me, it’s easier than you might think!

When you see people bragging online about flying business class for free, it’s important to understand that it’s not technically “free.” However, with a little strategic planning and loyalty to a particular airline or alliance, you can earn enough points to score a free seat or an upgraded class. Let me break it down for you.

Earning Points: Loyalty is Key

The first step to obtaining a free flight is to become a frequent flyer and show loyalty to a specific airline or alliance. For example, American Airlines and British Airways are part of the oneworld Alliance, while Delta, Air France, and Virgin Atlantic are part of the SkyTeam Alliance. By flying with these airlines or their partners, you can earn points for every flight.

Upgrading Your Flights

As you accumulate points and reach certain status levels, such as silver, gold, platinum, diamond, or 1K, you become eligible for upgrades. The upgrade list is based on various factors, including the amount paid for your ticket, check-in time, and your status level. Each airline has its own hierarchy and formula for determining who gets upgraded.

Using Points for Upgrades

Once you’ve earned enough points, you can use them to pay for an upgrade. When purchasing your ticket, the airline will offer you the option to upgrade to a higher class for an additional cost in points or miles. Some airlines even provide certificates that you can use to upgrade yourself during a flight. The process may vary depending on the airline, but the key is to utilize your points strategically.

Credit Card Rewards

One of the easiest ways to earn points is through credit card rewards programs. In the United States, credit card companies like American Express offer sign-up bonuses, where you can earn a significant number of points by meeting specific spending requirements within a given timeframe. By using your credit card for everyday expenses and paying off the balance, you can accumulate points quickly.

Transferring Points to Partners

Once you’ve earned a substantial number of points, you can transfer them to airline partners. This opens up more options for booking flights and taking advantage of partner airline programs. For example, you can transfer points from American Express to partners like Virgin Atlantic or British Airways and book tickets using those points.

Paying Taxes and Fees

While the ticket itself may be “free” in terms of points, it’s important to note that you’ll still need to pay taxes and fees. For domestic flights within the United States, expect to pay a minimum tax fee of $5.60 to the airport and government. International flights may incur additional departure taxes, depending on the countries involved. Connecting flights through countries with lower departure taxes can help minimize costs.

Maximizing Point Value

To make the most of your points, it’s crucial to use them strategically. Avoid using a significant number of points for a domestic flight when the cash price is low. Instead, save your points for more substantial trips or higher-class flights where the value of the points is worth it. Additionally, consider purchasing a ticket that offers more miles or points for your spending, rather than opting for the cheapest fare.


In conclusion, while flying for “free” requires some investment and strategic planning, it is possible to upgrade your travel experience without breaking the bank. By being loyal to a specific airline or alliance, earning points through credit card rewards, and using them wisely, you can enjoy the perks of business class or higher-class flights. Remember, the key is to maximize the value of your points and pay attention to taxes and fees. Happy travels!