How To Use The Airport Schedules Feature (Premium Content)

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Departure FIDs GRU

Departure FIDs GRU


As Passriders, we will get stuck at an airport at some point in time. With that in mind, I created the Airport Schedule feature (Premium Content, membership required) that shows you all the destinations served from a particular airport as well the airlines who serve that route. This way you can map out your next move.



As an example, let’s say you are in London-Heathrow, England (LHR), you can see that the following airlines have service to JFK and EWR.

  1. New York-JFK, NY (JFK) – American Airlines (AA) Check Schedules
  2. New York-JFK, NY (JFK) – British Airways (BA) Check Schedules
  3. New York-JFK, NY (JFK) – Delta Air Lines (DL) Check Schedules
  4. New York-JFK, NY (JFK) – Kuwait Airways (KU) Check Schedules
  5. New York-JFK, NY (JFK) – Virgin Atlantic Airways (VS) Check Schedules
  6. Newark-Liberty, NJ (EWR) – Air India (AI) Check Schedules
  7. Newark-Liberty, NJ (EWR) – British Airways (BA) Check Schedules
  8. Newark-Liberty, NJ (EWR) – United Airlines (UA) Check Schedules
  9. Newark-Liberty, NJ (EWR) – Virgin Atlantic Airways (VS) Check Schedules

The video below goes into more details.




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