What Should I Do If I Have Travels To Maui Or Am Stuck In Maui Due To The Maui Fires?

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Maui (Lahaina) Fires

Wildfires started in Maui in the Hawaiian islands and were fueled by high winds from a nearby hurricane. As a result, the town of Lahaina is severely damaged by the fire and several residents have been reported killed and more are expected as they start a house-to-house search.

Where is Maui Located?

Maui is one of the Hawaiian Islands. It is located southeast of Oahu (Honolulu). You can check out the map below:


Are Airlines Offering Travel Waivers?

Maui is a popular tourist island and is quite full of tourist at this time. The airlines serving the island, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Hawaiian Airlines, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines all have extra flights and reduced airfares from the island and to neighboring Oahu (Honolulu). Check their websites for details. At the moment, the airport is being used as a staging area so its quite chaotic.

What Should I Do If I Have Future Travel To Maui?

If you have upcoming travels, check your airlines, ground transportation as well as your hotel/accommodations. Chances are if your travels are within the next month or so, you will have to postpone it.

Am I Covered By Travel Insurance?

Check the credit card you used to purchase the travel arrangements or your travel insurance policy to see if you are covered with any kind of travel insurance.

How Can I Help The People Of Maui?

If you want to help the people of Lahaina and others affected by the fires, research the organization you want to support first and be aware of fraudulent organizations as well.

The American Red Cross is always a good organization to start with, CBS News has more information about how to donate here.

This week’s podcast talks about these wildfires as well as other wildfires. Listen here.