Family member of Airline Employee/Staff (not spouse, significant other, parents, step parents or children)

by Kerwin McKenzie


Welcome to Passrider. As a family member of an airline employee/staff, here are the places on the site that is recommended for you.

  • Premium Passrider – this is an area of Passrider that will give you just a little more functionality than the free parts of the site. Check it out now.
  • Travel Insurance – you need it.
  • Tours – you’ll want to find some tours when you travel. These tours will give you excellent information that will make what you are seeing more worthwhile. Check them out.
  • Credit Cards – if you want to make the most out of travel, then you need to get a credit card that gives you points and miles. This way you can earn miles and points for your non-revenue trips. So when you buy those passes, use a credit card that earn you points and miles. This way when you are ready to travel or you get bumped you can just use miles to get a ticket or a hotel stay.
  • A Place To Stay – here you can find out about different places to stay on your trip
  • – Destination Information – here you’ll find necessary information about a destination when you travel. Things like visa requirements, airports serving the destination and hotel information to name a few items
  • – Getting From The Airport To The City – this is really important and I’ve detailed some information here for you.
  • – Flight Schedules – here you can check the schedules for airlines worldwide
  • Flight Loads – everyone needs this information. At the moment, Passrider does not provide actual loads, but there are some resources on this page that can help you.
  • Airport Schedules – this is a premium part of the site, but well worth it as you can find out which airlines serves which airports
  • – Flights Between London and North America – ever been stuck in London? Well here are many ways to get back to North America.

If you have any suggestions on how the site can serve you better, please send me a message here.

Thanks and again, welcome to Passrider.


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