Welcome back to Passrider

by Kerwin McKenzie


Welcome back to Passrider. To re-introduce you to the site, here are the places on the site that is recommended for you.

  • Premium Passrider – this is an area of Passrider that will give you just a little more functionality than the free parts of the site. Check it out now.
  • – Flight Schedules – here you can check the schedules for airlines worldwide
  • Flight Loads – everyone needs this information. At the moment, Passrider does not provide actual loads, but there are some resources on this page that can help you.
  • Aviation Jobs – you should always be looking at the industry and see where its heading in terms of which companies are hiring and what positions are being filled
  • Airport Schedules – this is a premium part of the site, but well worth it as you can find out which airlines serves which airports
  • A Place To Stay – here you can find out about different places to stay on your trip
  • Credit Cards – if you want to make the most out of travel, then you need to get a credit card that gives you points and miles. This way you can earn miles and points for your non-revenue trips. So when you buy those passes, use a credit card that earn you points and miles. This way when you are ready to travel or you get bumped you can just use miles to get a ticket or a hotel stay.
  • – Cargo Schedules – If you are Jump seat eligible for cargo airlines, then you should check out this page. Also, if you know of any additional resources in this area, please let me know.
  • – Destination Information – here you’ll find necessary information about a destination when you travel. Things like visa requirements, airports serving the destination and hotel information to name a few items
  • – Getting From The Airport To The City – this is really important and I’ve detailed some information here for you.
  • – Flights Between London and North America – ever been stuck in London? Well here are many ways to get back to North America.
  • Tours – you’ll want to find some tours when you travel. These tours will give you excellent information that will make what you are seeing more worthwhile. Check them out.
  • Travel Insurance – you need it.

If you have any suggestions on how the site can serve you better, please send me a message here.

Thanks and again, welcome to Passrider.


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