by Alan Francis Tan


Here are the extra services you receive in addition to the existing services on

Flight Schedules Profile

Store a profile for your searches. This auto populates whenever you use the Flight Schedule engine.

Airport Schedules

A list of all the routes to/from a particular airport. This includes nonstops, directs and round robins.

Email Schedules

You can view a schedule as you normally do, but now you can email it to yourself or to someone else. This way you can view it whenever you need it, even if you are offline.

Change Dates

You can change dates by clicking on the Prev and Next links without entering a new dates and leaving your search.

City Notes

Audio information about select cities around the world. Here you will find information about how to get from the airport to the city, what to see and where to stay and other city tidbits.

Exclusive Facebook Group

Interact with other Passriders on facebook; share stories, photos, advice, etc. all in real-time.

One (1) Passrider Routing Guide

The Guide has an overview of the destination, airports serving the city, hotel information, airlines serving city, plus specific passrider information. You will also have access to previously requested Guides in PDF format. One new Guide request per month.







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