Air Francs (AF) Airbus A320 in Point-a-Pitre (PTP)

That One Time I Entered French Guiana Without A Yellow Fever Shot

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Flying the French Connection From Miami to Cayenne, French Guiana There are a few routes in the airline industry that are very unique and as an airline geek gives great pleasure. They are the Milk Run by Alaska Airlines, flight 65 from Seattle to Anchorage making four stops along the way; the Island Hopper by United Airlines (used to be …

What's Happening in the Travel Industry

What’s Happening In The Airline Travel Industry

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The State of the Airline Travel Industry by Cushrow Parakh – Aviation Analyst To say COVID-19 has turned the world upside down in 2020 would be an understatement. All the world’s incredible and expensive military power has proven to be worthless and no match whatsoever for a microscopic particle that has destroyed the lives of hundreds of millions and inflicted …

cyber monday deals

2020 Cyber Monday Deals I Found In My Inbox

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2020 Cyber Monday Deals It’s that time of the year once more and despite being in a pandemic, I got a number of emails with travel offers. I’ll share them with you, but ask that you read all the details concerning changes and of course abide by the travel restrictions and protocols listed and remember that things will change as …

Around The World In 8 Acts Of Kindness

New Book: Around The World In Eight Acts Of Kindness

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  Around The World In Eight Acts Of Kindness After visiting 125 countries and flown 180 airlines, I’ve met many people. I found that people are really very pleasant; well most people :-). They will really help you as that is their natural instinct. And when you try to return the favor, they politely say no. This book shares eight …