What do you think about the new show “Fly Girls”?

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Last night, the newest airline reality show “Fly Girls” premiered on the CW. The show is about the life and times of six flight attendants from the San Francisco-based Virgin America. There are mixed reviews around the workplace this morning I’m sure, what is your take on it? Here is an airticle on it – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1260576/Fly-Girls-reality-branded-sexist-demeaning.html#ixzz0jChU7vUK

Airport Departure Tax: 7 Interesting Things You Must Know For Your Next Trip

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Airport Departure Taxes As annoying and sometimes expensive as airport departure taxes are, we have to live with them. Airport Tax Calculator Find out Airport Departure Taxes here. What is Airport Departure Tax (Fee) An Airport Departure Tax is a fee/tax that is paid to the country from which you are departing. This is usually included in your ticket, although …