Get An ID20 Discount On Your Next Booked Tour/Attraction

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Need a tour or to purchase an attraction on your next trip? We’ve partnered with Get Your Guide to bring you their guided tours of cities around the world. Some of you prefer to be on your own and just explore on your own.  Others prefer organized tours.  Either way, our partner, Get Your Guide to offers you an exclusive 20% discount on tours while supplies last. Just go over to their site and use the code: If you are reading this e-mail after Sunday, then you can still get a 10% discount… Q&A: Looking for a cheap flight from Sydney Australia to Hobart, Tasmania

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The next question in the Passrider Q&A series is from Jennifer on our facebook Community at, she asks: “Looking for a cheap flight from Sydney Australia to Hobart, Tasmania. Any suggestions? We actually bought tickets on one of the puddle jumpers, but never made it out of LAX, so kinda hesitant to purchase a seat in advance. Work for Southwest Airlines, …

Passrider Q&A: What Are The Best Days To Travel?

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Passrider Q&A This new section will answer your passrider questions via video. The first is below from Donna on our Community:   Over on our facebook page at, Donna asks: “is there one day better than another to travel to/from without getting bumped? Or even a time? Thanks.” Well Donna, here’s your answer. O.K. Donna, so here goes. …