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Kerwin on bike in Gold Coast

Kerwin on bike in Gold Coast

I’m Kerwin, founder of If you’re new to airline employee standby travel or this site, this page is for you! It contains the information you need to get started and well on your way to flying standby successfully.

Although some may not think so, it’s an art; a learned art. Here’s a look around the site.

If you are unfamiliar with what standby travel means for an airline employee/staff, here’s a definition. In short, you get a seat when its not taken by a paid passenger and it’s your turn on the list.

The rules vary by airline so its best that you contact your individual airlines if you have specific questions as to which airlines you can use.

Typically, some airlines will allow the employee to give tickets to others. These tickets are never to be sold.

The site also has information about ground transportation, destination information, hotels, frequent flyer points and miles and general travel information.

Flight Schedule

This is perhaps the part of the site you will use the most. The idea is to give you a list of flights that are scheduled to fly between two cities.

You can find the widget on the right side of each page as well as on the Advanced Search page. Feel free to use either one.

If you are on a mobile device and are having issues, try

Kerwin in Legazpi Albay in The Philippines on ATV Tour

Kerwin in Legazpi Albay in The Philippines on ATV Tour

How To Use The Flight Schedules


Enter the airport name, city name or airport code in the From and To boxes. Note that it is possible to enter an airport code or name and not receive a dropdown list box fro which to choose.

If this occurs, don’t be alarmed as if you enter the airport code only, you will still receive results if its a correct airport code.

You may use the icon to quickly switch the From and To cities.


Enter the date either using the calendar or the format DD/MM/YYYY. Only dates greater than or equal to today’s date is accepted.

Sort Order

The default sort order for the search results is Departure Time. However, you may change this order Arrival Time, Duration or Connecting City.

You may set any of these fields in your Profile if you are a Passrider Premium Member.


Choose the airline in question or use the default, “All” option. If you choose a particular and receive no results, try using the “All” option.


The default is set to “Nonstops” unless pre-set in your Profile. This will show you only nonstop flights. Other options are ‘All Flights”, “Direct”, “One Stop/Two Stops.”


Sometimes you may want to only see flights that connect via a particular airport. Just enter the three-letter code only in this field.

Specific Dates

If you choose Specific Date as “No” you will see 7 days worth of schedule and your selected date will be highlighted. Otherwise, you will only received the schedule for the date you entered/selected.

Show Codeshare

The default is set to “No” unless pre-set in your Profile. This ensures that you do not see any codeshared flights in your results.


The default is set to “No” unless pre-set in your Profile. This ensures that you do not see any Interline flights in your results. e.g. results that involve multiple airlines who have interline agreements (agreements to work with each other to provide you a seamless flight).

What is a ZED Fare?

This is a frequently asked question so I’ve actually created a video to address this. Here you go: Premium

If you need to get a little more from the flight schedules area of the site, then this area is for you. Here is some of the features:


You do not have to join this part of the site unless you need the information that is in this area.

You can Join the Premium here.

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20 Things To Do In London At Night

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89 Things To Do As An Employee Before You QUIT

I’ve written a book with a view to help you maximize your flight benefits. It’s called  89 Things To Do As An Airline Employee Before You Quit. It’s available in Kindle, PDF and paperback.

It’s designed to help you to do things that only an airline employee can do using their pass benefits. Ever wanted to fly around the world in a weekend?

Go for Chinese food in Beijing or Italian food in Italy? Then this book is just for you.

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I Appreciate Your Support!

I just wanted to wrap up by saying that I’m here for you, not only as a guide while you begin or continue your travel journey but also as a friend.

I do my best to respond to all emails and voice mails (it’s getting tougher as this blog gains in popularity, but I will always do my best to respond!). My sole purpose for this site is to make your travels more efficient. I thank you for the opportunity to do so.

Thank you so much for your support. Please pop over to my Facebook Page and Facebook Group. I’ll definitely respond, and I look forward to meeting you on the road somewhere. If you see me in your travels, please don’t hesitate to say hello.


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  1. Hi, Kerwin! Ck out the last name!!!!
    I work for Mesa Airlines as a Flight Attendant. I am blessed to finally have my dream job. Looking forward to using my benefits to the max and came highly recommended as a tool.

  2. Your new Passrider website is trash. I used to be able to put in From/To and date, and get a list of flights. Now, I cannot get it to do anything. It wants to do everything, so it does not do what we need and used to rely on. It gives me everything I do not need or want, so I cannot get flights out of it. If it still does flights, the program is so poorly written it does not work right. Get rid of all this and go back to providing flight information.

  3. I have questions about the travel ins. You recommend. nomads….
    Can my traveling companion also purchase this ins?
    AE wants $419 and world nomads is $132
    Thank you 

  4. Kerwin, you were right.  Using Chrome I was able to get it to give me info on a few city-pairs.  Sadly, it is not nearly as user friendly or easy to read as it used to be.  I guess we are stuck with this.  Seems like every time someone “improves” a computer program, it takes more key strokes, takes longer to run, and is not nearly as user friendly as it used to be.

  5. I’m hoping you know a link that tells which airlines offer ZED fares to “Registered Companions” (if any do). Thanks for the information. 

  6. Why doesn’t Passrider work anymore? It used to be great. I’d put in From, To, a date, Nonstop Y/N, and get a page of flights. Now I get NOTHING!!! It has become useless. Is there a secret code I”m missing?

  7. Kerwin,

    There used to be a site that provided “seat counter”information.   Is it still around?  Are there other sites that provide this info?

    Great job – enjoy “Passrider”.


  8. Hi Kerwin,

    I took a gander through your website and already have found some great information. I am a Delta retiree and contemplating traveling standby in early February from the U.S. to JRO. I see that getting there is fairly easy, but the return flights are pretty scary..many connections and a very long time to get back to the U. S. Any words of wisdom for me? At this point, I am contemplating whether or not to simply purchase a ticket.

    1. Hi Joyce,

      Thanks for the info. Glad you find the site useful :-).
      Yeah, JRO is a tough one, depending your agreements, you can try to go to Nairobi or Addis on ET and/or KQ. Then just get to Europe from either of those cities. From Europe then its easy to get back to the U.S.

      The flights are not daily so when you use the flight schedule engine, sue the “No” option for Specific date.

      I’ve been to JRO and that area is pretty amazing. Impressed by how one area is really dry and then the next is amazingly green.

      Keep me posted if you need additional help.


  9. Hi Kerwin…Pleased to meet You and Thank You for Your great website!!! It’s my first time trying to use it, and not quite sure how to find out which Airlines provide interlude and codeshare travel…with regard to J/S privileges also? Can You please advise me on how to navigate on the site for such information. Blessings Always!!! 🙂

  10. Has anyone here seen or used the app called App in the Air? I downloaded it to my phone and as a non-rev traveler it works great in conjuction with! It helps with how long the flight will be, where it is at (gates) when you are in flight it reminds you to stretch your neck, walk around, etc. Anyone else here use apps for non rev travel? If so which ones?


  11. Husband is retired 34 years with UAL.  Flights are almost always full so very difficult going non rev.   Trying to figure out how to use ID90.  Thanx for your info on this site. Appreciate you. 

  12. your site looks like it might help to fly and get around. I am a new simulator engineer for Americian Airlines. cowork told me about the site the use it a lot.

  13. I found you on the Delta Non-Rev group site and so glad I did. As things change and evolve in our industry, it can get difficult to get current info when traveling. It seems you are the “go to” person/website. Thanks so much for being here!

  14. Hi everybody!
    I am Lourdes , I work as a ground dispatcher for Iberia Airlines in Spain. Much easier to fly from Europe to the States as a non rev than inside the US.

  15. Thank You for Your help as a retiree from Southwest we sometimes feel out of the loop Thanks for helping us to stay in the loop

  16. Hi, Please tell me if I can use my united passrider on Shenzhen
    Airlines in China. Shenzhen Airlines is one of United partners.

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