Passrider Premium

by Kerwin McKenzie

Passrider Premium Features


There are two different areas of; a Free area which gives you a lot of information you need for your trips and a Premium (paid) area which gives you more additional benefits for your travels.

For $0.25 cents/day, you can experience the more powerful side of You can try it for 7 days before your monthly bill kicks in. Here are 8 reasons to try it out.



1. Flight Schedule Preferences

Set your preferences for the Flight Schedule section. This way, each time you use the Flight Schedules logged in, the system will remember you preferences. You may also access it by hovering over the Account menu then click Flight Schedule Preferences.


2. Email Your Schedules

You can email a flight schedule to anyone after you’ve requested it.


3. Change Dates

Plus you may change dates by clicking on the Next and Previous links without typing in a new date from the results page


4. Airport Schedules

You have access to the Airport Schedules section which allows you to see all the airlines which serves a particular airport. Plus all the nonstop routes to/from the airports by the airlines. This is crucial when you’re looking for backups as well as general travel planning. You enter the airport code and you get a list of the airlines that serve that airport. You can list by Airport or By Airline.


5. Passrider Routing Guides

One (1) complimentary Passrider Routing Guide per month. Here you can ask how to get to a particular city and I’ll give you detailed instructions which will include what to do in that city.


6. Access to City Notes

These are audio notes about particular cities; I talk about what to do in addition to how to get around the city from the airport as well as public transportation. Very helpful, if you don’t want to read the information. There are currently City Notes for three major U.S. cities and I’ll be adding more as time progresses.


7. Facebook Group

If you use Facebook, you can access my Facebook Group especially for Passrider Premium members.


8. McKenzie Ultimate Guides

Passrider editions. Access to My Passrider Guides. You have access to all my current PDF Passrider Guides, plus any new Passrider Guides I create. This includes my newest book (PDF format) 89 Things To Do As An Airline Employee Before You QUIT. As I create new Guides, you will also receive complimentary access as long as you remain a member. You will receive an email after your second monthly billing as long as you’re still a member with a link to these Guides.


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