Episode 79: What's Happening in Travel

Episode 79: New CDC Guidelines For Mask Wear In The U.S.; You Can Travel To Italy; Greece Welcomes Tourists

Kerwin McKenzie

Episode 79     General 00:54 – CDC new guidelines https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/vaccines/fully-vaccinated-guidance.html Airlines 3:01 – Travel to Italy via Delta https://www.delta.com/us/en/travel-planning-center/know-before-you-go/italy-covid-tested-flights https://news.delta.com/italy-reopens-leisure-travelers-deltas-covid-tested-flights 5:15 – Greece Welcomes Tourists 5:56 – Caribbean Travel  Travel Restrictions https://www.instagram.com/thenonstopdan https://travelrestrictions.passrider.com 10:07 – Delta requiring new hires to be vaccinated 11:47 – New airline launched in the U.S. https://www.aveloair.com/ Breeze Airways coming up next  https://www.flybreeze.com/ Where To …

Episode 78: What's Happening in Travel with special guest Ryan Pettit

Episode 78: Interview With Ryan, A Pilot For A Major U.S. Airline

Kerwin McKenzie

Episode 78       About Ryan   This week, I talk with my friend Ryan who works for a major U.S. airline in Hawaii. Here’s a little about Ryan. His career started in Marketing Management at Hawaiian in 2000, then went to Marketing at Continental Airlines which is where I met Ryan, then he flew for Gulfstream, then for …

Episode 77: What's Happening in Travel

Episode 77: WN back in IAH as of today, April 12, 2021 and also newly at ORD since Feb 14, 2021; No flights for 2.5 hours journey in France?

Kerwin McKenzie

Episode 77       Current Situations/Updates WN back in IAH as of today, April 12 and also newly at ORD since Feb 14 French national assembly talks about not flying for journeys under 2.5 hours by train Avelo Airlines starting BUR to Santa Rosa they are based in Houston Other The U.S. TSA trials disinfection of security checkpoint bins …

Episode 76: Southwest confirms what we’ve known all along; Welcome to jetBlue’s Paisly

Kerwin McKenzie

Episode 76   Updates CDC Updates Air Transat and Air Canada ANA meals onboard update  Airlines Southwest confirms what we’ve known all along – Welcome to jetBlue’s Paisly – How American Airlines manages its IFE content – British Airways joins the inflight meals at home group https://feastbox.co.uk/collections/british-airways – Finnair makes a commitment to a new Nordic airframe manufacturer ES19 from …

Episode 75: What's Happening in Travel

Episode 75: U.S. Airlines trying to get back to normal; Southwest Airlines and JetBlue back to regular boarding; Meals are coming back

Kerwin McKenzie

Episode 75   Airlines 3:47 – U.S. Airlines trying to get back to normal  Southwest Airlines and JetBlue back to regular boarding   Meals are coming back  8:48 – The U.S.’ Mesa Air Group dips its toes in Europe 15:51 – Norway’s trans-Atlantic low cost airline experiment Round 2 24:02 – Ethiopian pioneers an Africa-centric health passport 34:09 – SpiceJet’s IFE gets …