Episode 32: What's Happening in Travel

Episode 32: Update – Virgin Australia further shrinks its fleet; Air New Zealand plans no Boeing 777 flights until September 2021

Kerwin McKenzie

Episode 32

In this episode:


  • Update: Virgin Australia further shrinks its fleet
  • Air New Zealand plans no Boeing 777 flights until September 2021
  • Finnair and SAS announce disappointing traffic results for August 2020
  • TigerAir Australia shuts down after 13 years
  • Lufthansa updates the status of its COVID 19 testing station at FRA airport
  • Lufthansa close to retiring almost 27% of its long-haul fleet
  • The oneworld alliance becomes the first airline grouping to commit to net zero emissions by 2050
  • Customer cancelation, Airlines not giving people back their money
  • Emirates processing their refunds finally
  • British Airways Highlife magazine will no longer be printed


  • Update: Boeing’s problematic 737 Max aircraft continues its march towards redemption
  • Update: Could Boeing’s revolutionary – but beleaguered – 787 have yet more quality control problems
  • Taiwan’s newest airline validates the struggling Airbus A330 Neo
  • Can rain really cause Airbus A220 engine shutdowns?
  • Airbus reaches a landmark milestone almost 20 years faster than Boeing
  • Reports: Royal Air Maroc 763 and easyJet 320 were both seconds from disaster due to pilot error
  • Check out ASRS CallBack – Aviation Safety Reporting System

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