Episode 34: What's Happening in Travel

Episode 34: Alaska’s “Get the Row with BOGO” program is back for round 2; Southwest weight issues with the B738 aircraft

Kerwin McKenzie

Episode 34

In this episode:


  • Alaska’s “Get the Row with BOGO” program is back for round 2
  • Why does industry darling Southwest get its B738 aircraft weights wrong for so long?
  • Cleaning robots are now in nightly action on United’s aircraft
  • Canada’s Nolinor goes all-in with its new PQ-based airline offering
  • Westjet joins a growing list of carriers offering free COVID insurance to its passengers.  Not to be outdone, Air Canada quickly follows suit
    • 0:36:54 – Waxing philosophy about why people should be tested before they get on a plane
  • Air Canada trying to get some revenue by getting an all you can fly deal
  • Cathay Pacific follows Air Asia, Qantas, and Thai to offer in-flight meals to locals on the ground
  • Flights to nowhere continue to be an Eastern Hemisphere thing. Now Qantas’ future 787 flight to nowhere takes off. Spectacularly
    • Who do you think will have a flight to nowhere first in the U.S.?
  • Qantas fights for survival and and puts everything on the table
  • Finnair makes it easier for its passengers to certify their COVID status. At a price though
    • 1:11:00 Why does it take so long to do the testing? Cushrow answers
  • Is Pakistan the new “it” destination for UK airlines?

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