Episode 59_ What's Happening in Travel

Episode 59: Air Canada And Lufthansa Joins The Biometric Boarding; More New Airlines Launching And We Talk About Airport Profiling

Kerwin McKenzie

Episode 59




  • 3:58 – Air Canada joins the biometric boarding set and launches service at San Francisco
  • 14:30 – Lufthansa rolls out the Star Alliance Biometric platform
  • 19:20 – Norway’s getting yet another domestic airline
  • – Lift Airlines launches service in South Africa
  • – Not unexpectedly, Montenegro Airlines shuts down
  • – MySpace on Oman Air has nothing to do with social media
  • – A very unique OTT Airlines launches in China
  • – Japan Airlines rewards passenger who skip onboard meals
  • – Cathay Pacific’s new narrow-body J seat is unveiled
  • – Emirates new premium economy seat 
  • – Virgin Australia restructures it Boeing 737 MAX orders

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