Episode 78: What's Happening in Travel with special guest Ryan Pettit

Episode 78: Interview With Ryan, A Pilot For A Major U.S. Airline

Kerwin McKenzie

Episode 78




About Ryan

Ryan Pettit - aviator


This week, I talk with my friend Ryan who works for a major U.S. airline in Hawaii. Here’s a little about Ryan.

His career started in Marketing Management at Hawaiian in 2000, then went to Marketing at Continental Airlines which is where I met Ryan, then he flew for Gulfstream, then for ExpressJet, and have been flying for Hawaiian Airlines since 2011.

Ryan is very grateful for all of his experiences with the various airlines he’s have worked for, and also grateful to have experienced the management side before joining the flight deck crew.

During his career, he’s been based in:

I have been based in HNL, IAH, EWR, LAX, ONT, IAH, and HNL, MIA and HNL.





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