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Note: Some airlines have either suspended operations or have ceased operations. Click here for details.





Flight Schedules




Disclaimer: The schedule is for information only. Please verify with the respective airlines.

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Before you begin using the flight schedule, be sure to read the tips to help you maximize your searches.

Flight Schedules – How To Use




Enter the airport name, city name or airport code in the From and To boxes. Note that it is possible to enter an airport code or name and not receive a dropdown list box fro which to choose. If this occurs, don’t be alarmed as if you enter the airport code only, you will still receive results if its a correct airport code.

You may use the icon to quickly switch the From and To cities.

You may enter the code for particular cities as well as the airport codes itself. For example, NYC for the New York area; PAR for Paris, France; CHI for the Chicago area, BER for the Berlin, Germany area; LON for the London area; TYO for the Tokyo area; HOU for the Houston area. If you enter DAL though you’ll only get Dallas-Love Field and DFW will only give you Dallas/Ft. Worth airport.



If you’re having any trouble with this page, try using the Mobile version at https://www.passrider.com/mobile.

Flight Schedule Dates


Enter the date either using the calendar or the format DD/MM/YYYY. Only dates greater than or equal to today’s date is accepted.


Flight Schedule Sort Order


The default sort order for the search results is Departure Time. However, you may change this order Arrival Time, Duration or Connecting City. You may set any of these fields in your Profile if you are a Passrider Premium Member.



Choose the airline in question or use the default, “All” option. If you choose a particular and receive no results, try using the “All” option. Also, if you don’t see the airline you want listed, just send me a note and I’ll look into adding it.




The default is set to “Nonstops” unless pre-set in your Profile. This will show you only nonstop flights. Other options are ‘All Flights”, “Direct”, “One Stop/Two Stops.” A Direct flight means that the flight makes at least one stop, but the the flight number does not change.



Sometimes you may want to only see flights that connect via a particular airport. Just enter the three-letter code only in this field. This helps if you want to avoid certain hubs where you know you may have issues due to weather, too many passriders, etc.


Specific Dates

If you choose Specific Date as “No” you will see 7 days worth of schedule and your selected date will be highlighted. Otherwise, you will only received the schedule for the date you entered/selected. It’s great to know the schedule for a whole week in case you don’t make your flight. Some places do not have daily service or the aircraft type is different on different or the departure times may be different as well.


Show Codeshare

The default is set to “No” unless pre-set in your Profile. This ensures that you do not see any codeshared flights in your results. A codeshared flight is one that is operated by one airline and marketed by many. This will happen as the airlines have a specific agreement. It’s important to choose No for this one as your pass agreement is usually on the airline operating the flight. As an example, Delta and KLM will codeshare on a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, but the flight is operated by Delta. So if you have an agreement with KLM and not with Delta, you cannot get a pass on this flight.



The default is set to “No” unless pre-set in your Profile. This ensures that you do not see any Interline flights in your results. e.g. results that involve multiple airlines who have interline agreements (agreements to work with each other to provide you a seamless flight).



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