Flying Between Hubs: It Does Not Have To Be Difficult

I realize that many of you end up flying between your airline’s hubs. Either for work to position yourselves or just to connect to a flight to a city that is not served by your home/origin city or just to visit. I know you hate connecting flights, but if the two segments will save you sometime, then it is worth it.

With that in mind, I’ve created this section to help you.

First you need to look at all the cities served from both your origin and destination city then look for connecting opportunities. Sometimes the arriving aircraft is the same as the one that’s departing. Try to stay on your own airline as much as possible, but don’t rule out other airline options for which you have an agreement of course. So you could say fly into Houston on United (one of their hubs) and fly out on Delta to Atlanta (one of their hubs), if the loads and flight times permit.

Airlines and Their Hub To Hub Flying

American Airlines (AA)

  • Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW) to Los Angeles, CA (LAX)

Delta Air Lines (DL)

  • Atlanta, GA (ATL) to Detroit, MI (DTW)
  • Atlanta, GA (ATL) to Los Angeles, CA (LAX)
  • Atlanta, GA (ATL) to Minneapolis, MN (MSP)
  • Atlanta, GA (ATL) to New York-JFK, NY (JFK)
  • Atlanta, GA (ATL) to Salt Lake City, UT (SLC)

United Airlines (UA)