Take 40% off all my books/models this Black Friday Week

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Virgin Atlantic (VS) Airbus A340-300 1:400 metalIf you are in the U.S. I hope you have a good travel time to visit with your family for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Good luck with the flight loads.
It’s Black Friday week, and that means you get the discounts.
I have a few books and some very limited model airplanes at https://gumroad.com/mskonfa and if you use the offer code:
in the offer code box when you make the purchase you will get 35% off any of the items displayed there. The new price will show one you select “I Want This!” and enter the code.
And, if you are taking advantage of any Amazon deals, please consider using https://www.passrider.com/amazon.
These are the individual items:
Thank you for your support, have a great Thanksgiving.

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