Nome, Texas

Nome, Texas

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Welcome To Nome, Texas

Nome, Texas is a small farming community known mostly for rice. Just outside of the city on TX-1009 are three other farms; a Christmas Tree Farm, a Crawfish Farm and a Turf Farm.

Nome Water Tower - Nome, Texas

Nome Water Tower – Nome, Texas

The original name of the city was Congreve Station as it was a stop on the Texas and New Orleans train line back in mid 1800s.

Read more about the city’s history…

Quick Nome, Texas Facts

I had a quick talk with the lady at the post office. Here’s my recap of our conversation.

  • Established – 1903
  • County – Jefferson
  • Population – 588 (2010)
  • ZIP Code – 77629
  • Nearest larger city – Beaumont, Texas (18.8 miles/30.3 kilometers)

You can find additional information on Nome, Texas here.

U.S. Post Office Nome - Nome, Texas

U.S. Post Office Nome – Nome, Texas


International City With The Same Name As Nome, Texas says that Nome, Texas shares its name with the following places outside of the U.S.:

  • Nome, Australia (a rural area in the city of Townsville in Queensland)
  • Nome, Cameroon (a rural area in Cameroon)
  • Nome, South Korea

But it’s perhaps more famous for Nome, Alaska USA.

Where Is Nome, Texas

Nome is located in Jefferson county on US 90 in the state of Texas just east of China and Beaumont.


Nome City Hall - Nome, Texas

Nome City Hall – Nome, Texas

Nearest Airports To Nome, Texas

You can also use this app to find nearest airports to anywhere you are located.

United Airlines Boeing 777-200 Landing at IAH on 20180118 at 14:24:50Houston-Intercontinental Airport (IAH)

Places To Stay In Nome, Texas

There are no formal accommodations in the city where you can rent. You can stay in nearby Beaumont or Port Arthur.



Places To Eat In Nome, Texas

This is a small town but you can find something to eat at the following places:

  • Big D’s at 1043 US-90
  • Nome Mini Mart at 2323 US-90; which has a gas station and is across from the Post Office
  • Betty’s Liquor Store at 2425 US-90; just before you get to the Post Office
  • Chevron Gas Station at 1043 US-90
  • Texaco Gas Station at 1043 US-90
Betty's Liquor Store - Nome, Texas

Betty’s Liquor Store – Nome, Texas


Mini Mart - Nome, Texas

Mini Mart – Nome, Texas

Things To Do In Nome, Texas

There is nothing to do in Nome as its a living community. I did ask the lady at the post office and she mentioned that the most excitement is getting letters meant for Nome, Alaska and having to forward them :-).

You could head over to nearby China though and check out the fire truck and local park. On the edge of Nome and nearby China is the Opelousas Trail that you can check out as it has historical significance.

Opelousas Trail

As I was driving into China on US90 after leaving Nome, I saw a historical sign just at the sign that shows the China city limit. Incidentally, the way, these signs (the city limit signs) are usually at the boundary of each city. They usually have the City name, and population.

You can read about the importance of this Trail from the photo below and also on the All Things Texas Facebook page.

Opelousas Trail in China, Texas


Tourism Bureau/Chamber of Commerce Information For Nome, Texas

You can find out more about what’s going on in Nome, Texas by visiting the Chamber of Commerce website for Nome, Texas.

Nome City Limit - Nome, Texas

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